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Thursday, 28 August 2008

"There's no school like the old school and I'm the headmaster..."

I've just come back from a preview screening of Guy's Ritchie's new movie "RocknRolla", which is released in the UK on September 5th and in the US on October 31st. I'll start by saying that admittedly, I wasn't expecting much. I mean yeah, "Lock Stock" and "Snatch" were fantastic, but by all accounts, Swept Away was terrible, and I didn't think a lot of Revolver. With that in mind, I can honestly say that lowered expectations had no bearing on my feelings for this film when the credits finally rolled.

The film was exceptional. Easily Guy Ritchie's best and leagues ahead of "Lock Stock" in terms of acting, script, dialogue, humour, and even plot. The cast was pretty much unfaultable and Toby Kebbell in particular was great as Johnny Quid, doing his best Russell Brand impression. In short, those of you who might be cynical given the director's recent pair of flops would do well to go check it out when it hits the cinemas. The trailer doesn't do justice to just how funny and clever a movie this actually is. Better than his critically-acclaimed first two films in every way.

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