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Sunday, 28 September 2008

"I've been like Arsenal so far, the skill is not a question // the question is, can I go so far?" ( c ) Kano

Kano's third album marks the return of the Grime scene's prodigal son to the scene which birthed him, a move which has incited both cynicism (from fans who are yet to be convinced) and fanfare (from The Guardian amongst other press eager to re-adopt the MC as their darling now that he's back doing the "brooding" music they love pretending to care about).

Irrespective of the opinions of fans with regard to Kane's intentions and motivations, "140 Grime Street" stands up as the scene's best commercial release since "Home Sweet Home", Kano's 2005 debut. The main feature of the lyrically outstanding "London Town" which was lacking, seems to have improved vastly with this latest release. Kano no longer sounds like the quasi-American Hip-Hop artist that appeared on his sophomore CD, and seems to have regained some desperately needed hunger and intensity. Don't get me wrong, this isn't the Kano of 2004 who fucked up every beat in his path, but it's certainly a start. Nothing on the album hints that Kane is the same MC that destroyed Ghetto Kyote or even that recorded Ps and Qs, but it would be far more abnormal if he was. Nearly half a decade has passed since his rise to prominence first began, and like any artist should, Kano has grown lyrically, his breadth of subject matter increasing as part of the process.

Highlights on the album include The Wire themed "Hunting We Will Go" which Ghetto destroys with the kind of effortless ease that has had many suspecting he may have long eclipsed his former Nasty Crew accomplice ("Convict like Akon, Kano, Ghetto, Stringer Bell and Avon"), and Aim For The Sky, the album's closing track, where Kano spits heartfelt and sincere bars over an exceptional Wiley beat. The album's main flaw is sonic repetition - Mikey J is responsible for the bulk of the production and while he is an outstanding talent, a few of the plodding, pseudo-rap beats lack the energy of lead single "Hustler" and at points the tracks mesh together. Perhaps Kane would've been better served using some of the Maniac, Nocturnal or even Rude Kid beats that were thrown his way.

However, despite it's few flaws, 140 Grime Street is a solid offering, and the first step towards what I hope will be Kano's return to his roots and departure from flirtations with the likes of Kate Nash. The lyrics are still there: it's no longer "if you don't wanna play gun to mum, let's play knife to wife // why waste a clip (I'm poor)" but an MC with his profile and more importantly his level of success just can't spit those bars. With the press and coverage this album should generate, it might just be what the Grime scene needs, irrespective of whether people feel it truly represents grime.

Monday, 15 September 2008

"There's a first time for everything, it's definately one of them nights..."

Leona Lewis is alot for these no-range having, one-note R&B "divas" (I'll name no names). She's without question the best thing in R&B (even if the bulk of her debut album was paint-by-numbers pop) and the fact that I'm in love with her has nothing to do with it! I mean okay, Leona isn't the world's greatest dancer, but when you look like THAT in a magician's costume, does anyone really care?!

There was a point a few months ago at which I really liked the song, after being fairly indifferent to it when it first dropped. Having seen this video it was probably a good choice for third single: it's a lot more upbeat than her first few videos, has a nice big name attached to it (Akon produced the track) and most importantly gives me the chance to dream about her (while dribbling) in some different outfits.

Friday, 12 September 2008

DJ DeeKay Presents... High Fidelity

Of course I'm a boss with the pen but believe me when I say that I'm sicker with the mixer.

And with that in mind, Ladies and Gents, let me present High Fidelity, an hour of the best R&B, Hip-Hop, Funky House, Garage and Bassline, mixed by yours truly, DeeKay. That's 43 tracks of the best party vibes, available for free download right now. I'll stop before I start sounding like an advert for "Pure R&B Grooves 2008 Summer Edition Volume Thirteen". Click on the artwork above for the tracklist.

Because I'm so damn generous, I'll even upload the mix as both an hour-long MP3 file and as a track-by-track album, ready to be burnt to CD and bumped in the ride. There ain't nothing like having options.

Remember, if you burn the 43 track edition to CD, make sure you choose the setting to burn it with no gaps between the tracks, or that will cause a 2 second gap between every song and ruin the flow of the CD.

DJ DeeKay Presents High Fidelity
(One MP3 File - 60 Minutes, 80mb - Tracklist and contact information in Comments tag)

DJ DeeKay Presents High Fidelity
(43 Tracks, ZIP file with artwork and tracklist)

That's a early Christmas present for y'all... The hard copy CD's will drop soon, so look out for them, might see it up for grabs at the counter in your favourite record store or Ecko store... I got some things in the pipeline still... Get at me with your thoughts and opinions too, would appreciate the feedback... and join the facebook group if you feel to.

High Fidelity @ Facebook

Have a good weekend people! Stay blessed.


Sunday, 7 September 2008

It was "coming soon" on Sunday but now it's here...

Big new mixtape will drop very soon (it'll probably be up here by the end of the week). You can't peep the massive (now finished) artwork above anymore because I'm about to upload the CD so figured I'd better take it down... my differently sick graphic designer (who will remain nameless for now because I forgot to ask if he minded his name being baited on the internet) did that shit on MS Word! Word motherfuckers! Imagine what he coulda done if someone (*looks around* yeaaah someone motherfucker, not me, S-O-M-E-O-N-E init!) had sorted out his Photoshop months ago when he was supposed to! That guy would be fuckin' dangerous.

Anyway, the mixtape is alot. 43 tracks of tuneage. The test CD I burnt yesterday has a half a second skip between every track on some CD players (in the car but not on my decks) which pissed me off to no end and made my criss mixing sound off, but I'm pretty sure that's entirely dependent on the player and not the CD. And if you download it off here then it won't be a problem for you.

Now I just gotta get the CDs burnt and the covers printed... and decide whether to upload it online as a 60-minute one-file mix or split into 43 tracks like it is on the CD...and then get the CDs into the hands of London's most important and influential... Fuckin' hell, it's gonna be a long month!

The High Fidelity Mixtape soon come. Add me to your RSS feed and you'll know as soon as it happens! Just clocked there's bare (bracketed talking to myself) in this post.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

"I only smoke nicotine if it's in green // get lean and then write the sickest sixteen..." (c) Ghetto

Last night Kano made another step forward on his quest to once again be crowned the "Golden Boy" of Grime. Sometime yesterday a video appeared on Kano's blog of him spitting alongside Ghetto on Rude Kid's UFO beat (See that video in the post underneath this). At the end of the video, Ghetto warned viewers "that's what we're gonna do on Monday". A little while later, Logan Sama sent out his weekly Facebook message, making a cryptic allusion to legendary pirate station Deja Vu 92.3. For the next few hours, the internet was rife with a whole host of rumours, ranging from speculation that N.A.S.T.Y. Crew might re-unite on the show, to the (with hindsight, possibly far-fetched) suggestion that God himself had been spotted on the Tube making his way down to Kiss FM's studios.

In the end, Kano did show up, and as expected, he brought Ghetto with him. The pair of them were joined by Skepta, and although it wasn't quite the Deja set that was speculated, with three of the scene's A-Listers on mic, it was a noteworthy event nonetheless. During the course of the show it was revealed that a certain Rolex-wearing fourth MC was originally due to appear and failed to turn up. Wiley not showing to up a radio set... well there's a bigger surprise than Man City signing Robinho.

Part One

Part Two

That's the video footage from the set.

Here's the download link for the entire set, courtesy of Grimegenre/Grimepedia.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Kano and Ghetto - UFO Freestyle

Rumour has it these two are gonna be on Logan's show tonight... It's been a while since I've locked on to a radio show live but this might be the one... if I can find the cable for my fucking speakers... leaving uni is a par... not being able to unpack for three months afta u've left uni then finding out that someone's lost all the cables for your (quite amazing) PC speakers is motivation to break something into hundreds of pieces...

Kano and Ghetts back to back on Logan's show tonight (hopefully!).