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Sunday, 7 September 2008

It was "coming soon" on Sunday but now it's here...

Big new mixtape will drop very soon (it'll probably be up here by the end of the week). You can't peep the massive (now finished) artwork above anymore because I'm about to upload the CD so figured I'd better take it down... my differently sick graphic designer (who will remain nameless for now because I forgot to ask if he minded his name being baited on the internet) did that shit on MS Word! Word motherfuckers! Imagine what he coulda done if someone (*looks around* yeaaah someone motherfucker, not me, S-O-M-E-O-N-E init!) had sorted out his Photoshop months ago when he was supposed to! That guy would be fuckin' dangerous.

Anyway, the mixtape is alot. 43 tracks of tuneage. The test CD I burnt yesterday has a half a second skip between every track on some CD players (in the car but not on my decks) which pissed me off to no end and made my criss mixing sound off, but I'm pretty sure that's entirely dependent on the player and not the CD. And if you download it off here then it won't be a problem for you.

Now I just gotta get the CDs burnt and the covers printed... and decide whether to upload it online as a 60-minute one-file mix or split into 43 tracks like it is on the CD...and then get the CDs into the hands of London's most important and influential... Fuckin' hell, it's gonna be a long month!

The High Fidelity Mixtape soon come. Add me to your RSS feed and you'll know as soon as it happens! Just clocked there's bare (bracketed talking to myself) in this post.

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