DJ DeeKay - In The Mix

Monday, 15 September 2008

"There's a first time for everything, it's definately one of them nights..."

Leona Lewis is alot for these no-range having, one-note R&B "divas" (I'll name no names). She's without question the best thing in R&B (even if the bulk of her debut album was paint-by-numbers pop) and the fact that I'm in love with her has nothing to do with it! I mean okay, Leona isn't the world's greatest dancer, but when you look like THAT in a magician's costume, does anyone really care?!

There was a point a few months ago at which I really liked the song, after being fairly indifferent to it when it first dropped. Having seen this video it was probably a good choice for third single: it's a lot more upbeat than her first few videos, has a nice big name attached to it (Akon produced the track) and most importantly gives me the chance to dream about her (while dribbling) in some different outfits.

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