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Thursday, 30 October 2008


So I've been inspired by Logan Sama's pledge to drop a weekly grime mix, which's he's entitled "The Best There Is At What I Do". It's regularly quite fucked so be sure to check it out.

In the vein of Sama's announcement, I'm going to drop a weekly 30-Minute mix of the hottest new tunes of the week and maybe some classics dropped in for good measure. It will span across genres where possible: I'm gonna try and include some of everything, but obviously tempos might make mixing this week's R&B and this week's D&B together more than a little difficult. Might also drop some themed mixes... slow jams, UKG, grime classics, 90s R&B, them kinda things.

So stay tuned for Volume One, which should be online, complete with tracklisting by this time tomorrow.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Viva La Hova

This joint right here... Best thing I've heard all month.

It's the brainchild of Mick Boogie and Terry Urban, and is, in their words, "a project honoring two of our favorite musical forces... Jay-Z and Coldplay". Put simply, it's a "Grey Album" style mashup using Hov and Coldplay's music, but unlike the multitude of such projects which followed Dangermouse's success, this is exceptional. The DJs reached out to producers ranging from 9th Wonder nVMe, laced them with samples and snippets with which to work their magic, and the rest is history. The result was an incredible prjoect, which successfully blends Shawn Carter's bars and Chris Martin's songs in a mixtape which should appeal to Hip-Hop and Indie fans alike. All the hyperbole in the world won't demonstrate just how good this shit is better than a little preview:

Coldplay and Jay-Z - Know My Place (Produced By The Amps)

Coldplay and Jay-Z - No Love Coming Home (Produced By The Kickdrums)

Download Mick Boogie and Terry Urban's exceptional "Viva La Hov" mixtape here. Be sure to check out the official website for the project. Mick Boogie has always been one of my favourite DJs. And as a DJ it pains me to admit there are people out there who do what I do better than me, but this guy has creativity and talent at levels which I can only hope I might one day be blessed. Support this project, download it, tell your friends about it. Not only is it important, it's actually fucking amazing too.

Here's the download link again.

If that doesn't work, try this or even this. That's Sendspace and ZShare respectively. Notice how many time's I've given you the download link. It's because you need to hear Viva La Hov, and you need to hear it as soon as possible! Pay attention!

T.I. Interview

T.I. interview on American show Chelsea Lately. This is actually pretty damn funny, the host's got jokes.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

"Back in the day..."

Less than 10 years ago, British R&B was as strong as it had ever been, with great groups making great songs and having chart success with them. With the huge buzz that JLS are currently generating, I can't help but be nostalgic for the days when we had a world-class R&B group in the form of Damage. With that in mind, let's reminisce on just how good our R&B stars used to be.

Damage - Rumours

Damage - Ghetto Romance

Fierce - Dayz Like That

Craig David - Fill Me In (Acoustic)

Beverley Knight - Made It Back '99

The Reelists - Freak Mode (Big up Sef!)

Kele Le Roc - My Love

Aaron Soul - Ring, Ring Ring

I guess more than anything this is a study of wasted potential. Of the artists featured, only Craig David still holds any real mainstream sway (Beverley Knight maybe). I know Kele Le Roc has a new track out, and Bev is always around, but our R&B scene never evolved the way that it should have. Damage had nine Top 40 singles, four of which were Top 10 and seven of which were Top 20. They actually deserve to be legends in the scene but they don't get half of the respect that their achievements demand. Vocally and performance-wise they wiped the floor with man like JLS. We had a polished group that were ready to represent in the form of Fundamental, but having hit a brick wall in their attempts to blow up over here, they've fucked off to America. The scene is desperate for a group of artists to dominate - maybe Jay Sean, Craig David and Lemar all dropping singles in the same quarter might be the way to do it, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Monday, 27 October 2008

"Sometimes I wake up early in the morning..."

I know the tune's been around for ages but I hadn't seen this video yet. The song is blowing up so hopefully it does some business in the charts. The Crazy Cousins mix of Do You Mind is still one of the tracks of the year to me. And this "typical dance music video" with a twist is very big.

Crazy Cousins - Bongo Jam

Friday, 24 October 2008

"If you haven't got a vision then fam, where you going? // all I can see is my fanbase is growing..." ( c ) Wiley

This tune is fucked. Lemme warn you before you press play, if you haven't heard this song already, there's no way in the world you'll be prepared for what's about to come out of your speakers.

Wiley featuring Kano and Scorcher - See Clear Now

Shit's a bit... different eh? It's the title track taken from Wiley's forthcoming album, which, by his own admission, will be a chart-friendly commercial outing. That 1980's chorus and cheesy beat (sounds like some OLD school Kylie Minogue ting) should've resulted in a craptastic piece of trash that would've fit nicely on Ironik's album, but somehow it turned out pretty damn nice. It sure as fuck ain't grime, and I don't really understand why, but I love it.

Watch out for the She's Glowing video, featuring Kano and Ghetto, as well as a host of other Grime superstars. More behind-the-scenes pics here. The collaboration between the top three selected is for the lead single for Wiley's other album, "Race Against Time" which will be dropping on an independent flex soon. Can't front of Eski's workrate. Seems like the scene is finally coming together and building something serious with the top boys finally realising they need to make moves together. Shame they're doing it over 80s pop tracks with the copious use of autotune. But it had to start somewhere. History in the making.

"See Clear Now" (the album) drops on 10th November. Pre-order it here.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

The $16,000 (and rising) PS3

Morpheon Mods have put this Customised 60GB PS3 up for sale on eBay, with 15% of profits going to Child's Play. Now I'm not even a PS3 guy, I own a 360 and I haven't played Metal Gear Solid in about 8 years, but this shit right here is still amazing to me.

If you happen to have a spare £8,000 (at least, the way this shit is rising it'll probably be £20,000!), you can view the auction (and more amazing pics of this customised console) here.

Monday, 20 October 2008

"I love Soul II Soul, and So Solid sold because they never sold their souls..." ( c ) Bashy

A while back Bashy appeared on MistaJam's Jam Sessions with his live band The Truth Movement, and performed three tracks. Pay attention to the last track he performs, "Just Don't Know".

Bashy is top three selected. Deal with it.

"Why am I bothering, making real music if they're gonna sign Sovereign // love black music, not the acts, sign the opposite // called our music "urban", they should've called it MOBO // music of black origin..."

"In British music, they don't wanna see us excel // tried for years but they couldn't hold back Estelle..."

"This industry is gazing, I'll say it openly // how the hell did they miss out on signing Floetry..."

Bashy is saying alot. His album "Catch Me If You Can" out next year will probably be a UK classic. Remember I said it.

"If I could be who you wanted // all the time, all the time..."

Entourage was phenomenal this week. Jeremy Piven delivered a performance which exceeded even his own high standards. Those last five minutes were golden. They, like many of the show's memorable moments, were driven and beautifully supported by the music selection: in this case Radiohead's classic single "Fake Plastic Trees".

Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees

The song, taken from Radiohead's 1995 album "The Bends", was featured at #376 in Rolling Stone Magazine's "500 Greatest Songs Of All Time".

It's placement in the final few minutes of this week's Entourage was inspired, setting the tone perfectly for a scene laced with disappointment, hope, new possibilities and driven by Ari's desperate desire for Vince's non-forthcoming approval. A great scene and a great song from one of the few genuinely great shows still on television. Heroes this is not.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

"Giving up, is so hard to do... I've tried, but it just ain't no use..."

One of the greatest slow burners of all time. Donny Hathaway's vocals on this track... Jeez... This is actual soul. R&B singers need to take note.

Donny Hathaway - Giving Up

And this cover by Aaliyah is pretty nice as well. Not quite on the same levels, but she does the song justice.

Aaliyah - Giving Up

"Where's Your Love"

Craig David featuring Tinchy Stryder and Rita Ora - Where's Your Love (Video)

Craig David featuring Tinchy Stryder and Rita Ora - Where's Your Love (LIVE AT THE MOBOs)

Friday, 17 October 2008

"See Jesus, see Judas, see Ceasar, see Brutus // See success is like suicide..." ( c ) Jay-Z

Hi Haters!

Coldplay featuring Jay-Z - Lost (remix)

Big tune, Hov's bars are alot. Whoever mixed his vocals down needs a lesson though, they're barely audible.

Oh and on another note, I just wrote and produced one of 2009's biggest R&B tunes. Just remember I told you, the strings are fucked! When this shit gets vocalled, it's a hit.

The MOBOs 2008

So I wasn't at the venue (I didn't chase up the offer of free tickets like the unmotivated bastard I am, and judging from everyone's reaction, I don't seem to have missed out on much) and I didn't watch the BBC3 broadcast, so now I'm at home doing nothing at all, I figured I should fire up iPlayer and watch the show for myself... and blog my running commentary as though I didn't already know the results.
  • Estelle won Best Female! And if you read this blog you'll know how glad I am that the girl who deserved to take the award home did.
  • As Butterz pointed out, you can judge popularity based upon the crowd's reaction to the nominees. Adele and Duffy got air. They're obviously gonna takeover The Brits, I don't see why they deserved to be nominated here.
  • Chipmunk is the future.
  • Everyone's hyping Leona getting booed - from what I could hear, they didn't really boo Leona, they booed the fact that she couldn't be there. Movado got a huge boo when it was announced that he wasn't there. So did Wayne.
  • Sugababes sounded good doing their bit on She's Like A Star.
  • LOL @ Clichy! Sick guy, he was obviously just haps to be making his "premiere".
  • Estelle - Come Over is a nice tune.
  • Erm... Carey and David Grant?! What?!
  • Oi I just clocked Mel B's hair... it looks overly stupid. And what the hell was she wearing on the red carpet?! That space-suit thing?! She's too peng for this stupidness.
  • Okay I just saw Sunita's speech... they really did boo Leona.
  • Err... Flo-Rida's actual performance was differently swag. I wonda what they paid him for that performance, woulda been better off booking Wiley to do a WMR/In The Summer medley or something.
  • Fuck the idiots who boo Westwood... I wasn't supposed to swear in this post! But seriously, just fuck off. You might not like him, but have some respect for what the man's done for black music in this country.
  • LOL @ Chris Brown tryna pretend he cares about winning a MOBO. Let's hope he's not hoping to move into acting.
  • Umm... Grace Jones... seeeeeen.
  • Craig David is sick. That performance was live... okay Craig's "bars" at the beginning were not necessary but all three of them up there sounded really good, Tinchy did his thing.
  • Somebody please take the mic away from Alesha. Now.
  • Wiley or Jay Sean should've won Best UK Male.
  • RIP Daniel De Gale.
  • Big up Frosted Ice Inc.
  • Jay Sean's voice is much improved from his first album. I said this when I saw him live in February, and it was evident again here. He's developed into a pretty solid vocalist.
  • LOL @ Ace and Vis bumrushing the stage when Trevor Nelson won Best Radio DJ.
  • Congratulations to Jay Sean.
  • Shout out to the Commander... afta seeing Heidi from the Sugababes at the podium I understand exactly what you mean brother. Wasn't a good look when she was struggling to read the prompter though! My usual favourite Sugababe Amelle didn't look that great.
Hmm... well two hours later... I could've watched Heroes, Grey's and Desperate Housewives in this time... Only the Craig David performance was stellar, and possibly Estelle's performances. All in all, I'm glad I went Nandos and Empire Casino over Wembley Arena!

Jay Sean Signs To Cash Money!

As in Baby and Slim's Cash Money... Lil' Wayne's Cash Money... distributed by heavyweight parent company Universal Music Group. I guess this was the soon to be divulged "huge news" described by Jay Sean's manager Billy Grant at the U-Discuss Seminar on 6th October.

And big news it is - an American record deal with a major label for the Asian R&B star, and of course, the possibility (rumours) of Wayne showing up on the remix to Jay's next single, "Tonight". Whether this move ultimately proves to be a successful one, we'll have to wait to find out, but it's definately a huge step towards breaking the States, and gaining the backing and connections to build on his recent momentum (chart performance of "Stay" excluded).

Oh and I'll say it again, Tonight is a smash in the making. Big up Jay Sean.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

U-Discuss Seminar (13/10/08): Urban Regeneration

So I'm sitting in the Roundhouse Studios in one of the MIDI Lounges with a MIDI keyboard that seems to want to work only sporadically (today's been a terrible day for me as far as working computers are concerned!). Having spent the last hour trying to get down to work producing a beat sampling the Veer Zaara theme tune, as the computer and the equipment pars me at every instance, I've just about given up.

I figured I might as well take this time to pen an article I was inspired to write having attended last night's U-Discuss Seminar again at The Roundhouse. The seminar was put on by Urban Development and featured industry insiders ranging from artists Bashy and Wretch 32 (who's album "Wretchrospective" is in stores now... dun kno "Ina Di Ghetto" is one of the biggest tracks of the year!), to Bashy's manager Desmond George and MTV Base's Jasmine Dotiwala. Ray Paul, 1Xtra's Executive Producer of Mainstream and Live Events (in his own words, he deals with what happenns on the station between 6am and 7pm), as well as experienced publisher Paulette Long and Urban Development's very own Fusion (who is the same fusion responsible for Fallacy's Groundbreaker and Big and Bashy!) were also on the panel. The seminar was hosted by 1Xtra's Ras Kwame, who is of course a famed proponent of the UK's "urban" scene himself.

The subject of the seminar was "Urban Regeneration" - the future of black music. What became clear as the night unfolded was that black music has an exceptionally bright future - the open mic showcase held at the end of the night was evidence of this: a number of exceptional talents emerged, and the eventual winner, Your Opinion, was chosen by Bashy and Wretch to perform at the Urban Development night of the Roundhouse's Emerging Proms. The night is on 30th October, and will feature Shola Ama, Wretch 32, Donaeo and beatboxer Faith SFX. And tickets are only £5! That's a massive lineup, and for that price, you'd have to be dumb not to reach.

Back to the matter at hand - the night was a huge success. The panel dropped some real science about the ins and outs of the industry, and the struggle that they've had to go through to push black music away from the margins so that it would generate the respect it deserved. Three points stood out to me as important to take from the night's discussion:
  1. There has never been a time when black music in the UK has been stronger. Desmond George argued that we were witnessing the birth and growth of a scene that could eventually be as big as the "urban" scene in the States, provided it's given the time and support to do so.
  2. The powerbrokers have never been more accessible - whether via MySpace or e-mail, or even a telephone, the people who hold sway at crucial outlets like Base and 1Xtra are contactable these days. It pays to build and maintain a relationship of mutual respect with them.
  3. On the subject of respect, artists and managers alike need to learn to approach these international media outlets (Base is part of an international media superpower in the form of Viacom) via the proper channels and with the right attitude. This is big business, and you might come across suits and people with no understanding of the scene - approaching them agressively and with a road attitude will get you nowhere.
Anyway, the post I was inspired to write was about the strength of the scene and how we can work together to help build it. It's 11.45pm now so it's not gonna happen tonight... maybe tomorrow! But I hope the summary of events at U-Discuss might be of some help to someone.

Oh also big up Wretch, over-safe guy... Like I personally do think he's a top-tier lyricist in the UK, but I didn't approach him telling him that, so I could've been any breh at the seminar who didn't know shit about him and still in that really brief interaction of giving him the High Fidelity Mixtape and exchanging a few words, he was bare respectful. Same with Fusion and Ras Kwame.

The last thing I wanna say is that these events are CRUCIAL to the development of the scene and for the birth of young enterpreneurs who fully understand the game. Too much money has been wasted because artists didn't understand the business side of the industry, and so to learn from people who have already been successful is invaluable. I'm very grateful to the people on the panel who gave up their valuable time for free to speak to us and dispense firsthand information that there is no other real source for and to UD for putting the event on. And I actually live in the Roundhouse these days... I was there for like 12 hours today, 4 hours yday... they should really charge me rent. Fuck knows what I'm gna do when I hit 25 and they don't let me in anymore.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Craig David on the comeback trail...

Now I was only 11 years old when this tune first dropped on garage pioneering label Ice Cream Records, but I still remember sitting in my dad's parked car outside Charing Cross Hospital, hearing it on one of the late night house and garage shows on radio.

Colours - Hold On

10 years later, Ice Cream have hooked up with Craig David to put out two new tracks, the first a Wittyboy remix of "Are You Up For This" - Craig's vocal of Fish Go Deep's "Cure And The Cause", and the second a vocal/remake of "Colours" featuring Tinchy Stryder, called "Where's Your Love".

Craig David featuring Tinchy Stryder - Where's Your Love

I'm not sure that "Where's Your Love" or "Are You Up For This" will be on Craig David's Greatest Hits which drops next month, because the word is that "Insomnia" is the official lead single for that disc, but the "Colours" remake is scheduled to drop on November 10th (according to the Ice Cream Records myspace). I miss garage, funky house kinda has some of them party vibes but it's just not the same. I only really started enjoying funky house when I attempted to mix it, which was when I really felt the vibes, but it's not really up to the levels of UKG.

I do like this Craig David record though, it's a shame he didn't make it the official single, instead of going for the bait synthy sounds of "Insomnia". I mean that tune is good, don't get me wrong, but it sounds too much like it wants to be Neyo's "Closer" instead of coming off as authentic the way that "Where's Your Love" does. And I'm pretty sure people want that old Craig back.

Oh and here's the link for "Insomnia". I hope it stays up instead of being pulled down by over-enthusiastic staff who haven't yet grasped how to deal with new media. I'll have to put a streaming player up if it does. Hold tight the labels without serious departments dedicated to online promotion, y'all need a new plan, shit is officially different now. Anyway, I've posted Lemar, Craig David and Jay Sean's singles now, can't accuse me of favouritism!

The more I listen to this track, the more it grows on me, and I really hope it's the smash it deserves to be. It's getting playlist adds at major radio stations as you read this. And most importantly, with all three of the songs he has out now gaining airplay and positive reviews, Craig is building up a buzz again. Let's hope the success of his Greatest Hits disc gives him the momentum to drop another classic album next year.

Just for the record, I personally feel every album he's released has been good to excellent at what it was trying to do. "Born To Do It" was an undisputed classic. I thought "Slicker..." was a great R&B album, just not what people wanted to hear. "The Story Goes" had some underrated gems such as "Seperate Ways" on it, and "Trust Me" was a more mature R&B album and a departure from his previous material, but again filled with great songs.

This is a guy I will consistently support because as far as I'm concerned, he always delivers. I've seen him live many times now and every time he puts on a GREAT show. That Ronnie Scott's week long residency was a lesson to the scene on how to do it. His single choices might be questionable ("Hot Stuff" anyone?!) but his albums are always strong. This blog post wasn't supposed to be this long: I originally intended to just post the top two videos and go to sleep, but as I started typing I realised I was doing one of my favourite artists a disservice. It might not have been trendy to admit to being a fan of Craig David for a LONG time, but I'm not so bothered. UK R&B needs him back as soon as possible.

"It's just my thoughts... just what I was thinking at the time..." ( c ) Jay-Z

First thing's first... Lemar's new single "If She Knew" - here's the video. It's out on 7th November and the new album "The Reason" drops two weeks later on 24th November.

"Produced By Jim Beanz courtesy of Timbaland Productions".

Didn't like this track at all when I first heard it earlier this week but it's really grown on me (might have something to do with finally being able to listen to it on my speakers as opposed to through headphones!). Video's not bad either. And Jim Beanz has both Craig David and Lemar's lead singles, all he needs now is to produce Jay Sean's next track and he's taken over the UK's entire (commercial) R&B scene.

Where the fuck has the scene gone?! Why haven't we got solo singles from Loick Essien and Tension? Surely in the aftermath of "Black Boys" Loick coulda dropped something (his chorus on Chipmunk's lead single "Beast" is disgusting btw) which would've got some attention! Why did Darren B's momentum stop at MTV Base?! He's got a great voice and Stand By Me and Shorty's Got It Bad were both sick. Like Loick, he's too talented to be wasted doing choruses for MCs for the rest of his career.

It's hard out there for a UK R&B singer. Unless you happen to be a white woman who sounds like you're about twice your actual age and were from a different era. Then you can do the most watered-down crap and people will hail you as one of the saviours of British Soul. Estelle better win that Best Female MOBO. Chasing Pavements and Warwick Avenue are nice tunes, but if anyone other than Estelle or Leona takes that statue home it's a par. And really and truly it needs to be Estelle who also needs to take home the same Brit Award in 2009. And everyone knows that I really LOVE Leona.

Oh and Jay Sean's new single "Tonight" is fucking fire. Just like the Craig David and Lemar singles, it's tryna capitalise on the trancey/techno/europop sound of the recent Chris Brown and Ne-Yo smashes ("Forever" and "Closer") but it's much better than "Insomnia" or "If She Knew". Funny that the three pretenders for the UK R&B crown all have similarly-styled upcoming singles. In my opinion Jay is the current incumbent, so it'll be interesting to see how these singles fare.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

"How many banks gotta collapse 'til you know what you're doing is wrong?!" ( c ) M.I.A.

M.I.A. featuring Jay-Z! You what?! When I first accidently stumbled across Maya Arulpragasam's (first person who can repeat that surname correctly gets a cookie!) XL Recordings webpage and discovered this Sri Lankan Tamil vocalist and her debut single "Gulang", I doubt even she could have imagined that four years on she would have had a top five US Billboard Hot 100 smash, or that this very same smash would be sampled on the chorus of the greatest hip-hop "event" record of all time. Suggestions that one of the greatest rappers alive would lay a guest verse on a remix to one of her tracks would have been laughable.

Yet in October 2008, the sound of Jay-Z's voice on the remix to M.I.A.'s "Boyz" is ringing in my ears. Better still, Hov's bars, which initially sounded underwhelming, are, upon closer inspection, great. I personally don't like his new flow, but he's actually saying something, and he demonstrates exactly how skilled he is by adapting his style so it sits nicely alongside the words of his collaborator. When he's trading bars with her, it's magic.

M.I.A. featuring Jay-Z - Boyz (remix)

Fresh off the success of "Paper Planes", Interscope are re-releasing M.I.A.'s sophomore CD, "Kala", and the single "Boyz", the video for which was first released over a year ago. Rumour has it her people are trying to score her an appearance in the Swagger Like Us video, which would bring her even more profile. This news is literally music to my ears, not just because she, like me, is Tamil, but also because she has something to say. She's by no means the best technical lyricist, she's no rapper, but she has a lot to say and knows how to say it concisely and effectively. Now she's been sampled by Kanye and blessed by Jigga, it appears as though it is finally time for all the critical praise and underground hype to translate into success.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Man Shot For Wearing Obama T-Shirt (In London!)

Article swiped from the Croydon Guardian.


Dube Egwuatu, 36, was buying a mobile phone top-up card at an off licence near his hime in South Norwood when a man saw his top with the US presidential candidate and the word “believe”.

The man then shouted racist abuse at Mr Egwuatu, saying he “f****** hated n*****”.

He left the shop but when Mr Egwuatu, who worked as a systems analyst for Croydon Council, came out of the shop the man was waiting for him with a vicious dog and a gun behind his back.

Mr Egwuatu told a national newspaper he zipped up his jacket to cover up the offending image in the eyes of his attacker and tried to walk to his car. But the attacker followed him and pointed the gun at him after opening the passenger door. As Mr Egwuatu turned the ignition key he was shot three times by the gun, which was a ball bearing pistol, in the face, hand and shoulder.

In fear of his life, he sped off and went to be treated at a south London hospital.

Mr Egwuatu said: “The venom in his voice was frightening.

“He was telling me that he was going to kill me.

“I couldn't believe it was happening - and just because I was wearing an Obama t-shirt.

“He was trying to make me walk somewhere quieter, saying: 'I've got something for you,” and 'I'm going to kill you’.”

He added: “Obama inspires me, his educational track record alone is quite unbelievable, that is why I was wearing the t-shirt.

“I did not think for one minute it could stir up such powerful feelings of hatred and I never said a word to him.”

Mr Egwuatu's wife, Angela, 35, said neither of them had experienced anything like it during their childhood in Nigeria.

Mrs Egwuatu, an immigration officer, said: “At first my feelings were pure horror and now it is pure anger.

“If he had been carrying a real gun I would have been a widow. It is just ridiculous.”

The Met said it was investigating and that police searched a nearby house which the attacker was seen going into. No one has been arrested.


I cannot believe this shit happened in London. Some people... Trust I believe in karma, that shit best even itself out one way or another.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

"Before I let the feds take me away, I'll cause a scene like Amy and Blake..." ( c ) Ghetto

Kano's "Hunting We Will Go" from his latest album is so fucked it deserves a post of it's own. More specifically, I wanna talk about Ghetto's duppyage of his verse on the track, and his appearance at Kano's 140 Grime Street concert at IndigO2 last week, where by all accounts, Ghetts lifted the roof off the arena when he showed up to spit his bars.

You can see the crowd's reaction at around 2:20 on this video, when they go crazy for Ghetts, and he goes on to deliver a performance that justifies the hype that his appearance created. Rumour has it that the remix of "Sing For Me" is on the verge of being signed and if that turns out to be true, it'll be a well-deserved milestone in Ghetto's career. He's apparently now officially known as "Ghetts" - I guess the major labels really ain't feeling the ghetto. It's a pisstake that an artist as talented as Justin Clarke has to change his stage name because of the negative connotations associated with it - it seems that "Ghetto" ain't cool but large up "The Killers" right? Major label racism and the fuckeries of modern day "liberal" society are doing alot.

Irrespective of that bullshit, this is without a doubt the highlight on "140 Grime Street" - Ghetts steals the show no doubt, but Kano's bars are big:

"I run this house but I'm hardly a Simmons // so you can run your mouth and I'll be the villain // 'coz anyone violates anyone now, they'll hunt man down like Mugabe and kill 'em // any given sunday like carvery dinners // n*gga this is new rules // find you like Sadaam and watch the views grow on YouTube..." ( c ) Kano

"Convict like Akon, Kano, Ghetto, Stringer Bell and Avon..." ( c ) "Ghetts"

Maybe I'm just hyped off watching The Wire... for those of you who haven't heard the studio version of the track yet, you can stream it below and judge for yourselves.

Kano featuring Ghetto - Hunting We Will Go from 140 Grime Street.

Artist To Artist: Noel Clarke and Bashy

The latest Myspace Artist To Artist feature sees Director/Actor/Writer Noel Clarke and MOBO nominated MC Bashy ineterview eachother. Clarke's a big guy in the game with a great future, and hopefully after the success of "Adulthood", he'll get more support and recognition from the mainstream. Bashy, fresh off the success of Black Boys and the MOBO nomination for "Kidulthood To Adulthood", has an album, "Catch Me If You Can" in stores soon and a refreshingly honest blog of his own. Two future superstars with immense talent and a pretty interesting interview. Check Clarke dropping science in response to the very last question.

P.S. I Am The Future.

If you don't know, now you know.

P.P.S. It's auto-playing the video when I embed it, and I can't be having that, so until I figure out how to sort it out, here's the direct link. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Artist on Artist - Noel Clarke on Bashy

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

"It's a hell of a thing you coming here to find out you and I are brothers..."

This blog post was originally supposed to be about HBO's recently deceased show The Wire, but I began writing while watching Season Three, Episode Four of Heroes, slowly coming to the realisation that part of me actually hates the show passionately. Whether watching genuinely great shows such as Arrested Development and The Wire in recent weeks has raised my expectations, the show's quality has genuinely dropped or my famous patience, tolerance and uncritical nature have just worn thin, I've found watching Heroes recently to be an act of self-loathing - I hate myself for wasting my time on this crap. This week especially, I feel as though I've missed five or six episodes, in which the logic-defying plot twists were developed and explored: this is possibly a result of seven days spent watching three seasons of The Wire, a show famous for it's slow and nuanced development of plot and it's meticulous attention to detail. Unpredictability is one thing, but these motherfuckers are clearly making it up as they go along. One of Season Three's recent revalations is ridiculous to "Sunset Beach" proportions - the nonsensical discovery that some major characters are in fact siblings. This inexplicable twist was quickly accepted by the characters in question, who, in consecutive episodes, carried on about their day as though the biggest shock of their lives was no big news.

Anyway, a post about The Wire tomorrow, this one was hi-jacked by Peter Petrelli and Co... speaking of which... I came to the realisation today while watching a face-off between Present Peter and Future Peter that Milo Ventimiglia, the actor who plays everyone's favourite time-travelling SuperMan, might possibly be the next Keanu Reeves. One-note acting with a blank stare and a range of around three facial expressions seems to be a gift of his.

P.S. In case anyone is thinking "why doesn't this hypercritical bastard just shut up and stop watching it if he hates it that much?!" - the answer to your question is that I've been watching the show so long that I feel almost invested in it, car-crash or not, and therefore despite being to see it's quite obvious flaws, I'm stuck with it against my better judgement. The same logic keeps me watching Prison Break. Furthermore, Hayden Panettiere and Dania Ramirez are fine.