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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

"Before I let the feds take me away, I'll cause a scene like Amy and Blake..." ( c ) Ghetto

Kano's "Hunting We Will Go" from his latest album is so fucked it deserves a post of it's own. More specifically, I wanna talk about Ghetto's duppyage of his verse on the track, and his appearance at Kano's 140 Grime Street concert at IndigO2 last week, where by all accounts, Ghetts lifted the roof off the arena when he showed up to spit his bars.

You can see the crowd's reaction at around 2:20 on this video, when they go crazy for Ghetts, and he goes on to deliver a performance that justifies the hype that his appearance created. Rumour has it that the remix of "Sing For Me" is on the verge of being signed and if that turns out to be true, it'll be a well-deserved milestone in Ghetto's career. He's apparently now officially known as "Ghetts" - I guess the major labels really ain't feeling the ghetto. It's a pisstake that an artist as talented as Justin Clarke has to change his stage name because of the negative connotations associated with it - it seems that "Ghetto" ain't cool but large up "The Killers" right? Major label racism and the fuckeries of modern day "liberal" society are doing alot.

Irrespective of that bullshit, this is without a doubt the highlight on "140 Grime Street" - Ghetts steals the show no doubt, but Kano's bars are big:

"I run this house but I'm hardly a Simmons // so you can run your mouth and I'll be the villain // 'coz anyone violates anyone now, they'll hunt man down like Mugabe and kill 'em // any given sunday like carvery dinners // n*gga this is new rules // find you like Sadaam and watch the views grow on YouTube..." ( c ) Kano

"Convict like Akon, Kano, Ghetto, Stringer Bell and Avon..." ( c ) "Ghetts"

Maybe I'm just hyped off watching The Wire... for those of you who haven't heard the studio version of the track yet, you can stream it below and judge for yourselves.

Kano featuring Ghetto - Hunting We Will Go from 140 Grime Street.

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Y "a Young X" said...

Love the song!!! Question is whatare the lyrics for the chorus !!!? Ghetts killed this track man....Its a classix