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Sunday, 12 October 2008

Craig David on the comeback trail...

Now I was only 11 years old when this tune first dropped on garage pioneering label Ice Cream Records, but I still remember sitting in my dad's parked car outside Charing Cross Hospital, hearing it on one of the late night house and garage shows on radio.

Colours - Hold On

10 years later, Ice Cream have hooked up with Craig David to put out two new tracks, the first a Wittyboy remix of "Are You Up For This" - Craig's vocal of Fish Go Deep's "Cure And The Cause", and the second a vocal/remake of "Colours" featuring Tinchy Stryder, called "Where's Your Love".

Craig David featuring Tinchy Stryder - Where's Your Love

I'm not sure that "Where's Your Love" or "Are You Up For This" will be on Craig David's Greatest Hits which drops next month, because the word is that "Insomnia" is the official lead single for that disc, but the "Colours" remake is scheduled to drop on November 10th (according to the Ice Cream Records myspace). I miss garage, funky house kinda has some of them party vibes but it's just not the same. I only really started enjoying funky house when I attempted to mix it, which was when I really felt the vibes, but it's not really up to the levels of UKG.

I do like this Craig David record though, it's a shame he didn't make it the official single, instead of going for the bait synthy sounds of "Insomnia". I mean that tune is good, don't get me wrong, but it sounds too much like it wants to be Neyo's "Closer" instead of coming off as authentic the way that "Where's Your Love" does. And I'm pretty sure people want that old Craig back.

Oh and here's the link for "Insomnia". I hope it stays up instead of being pulled down by over-enthusiastic staff who haven't yet grasped how to deal with new media. I'll have to put a streaming player up if it does. Hold tight the labels without serious departments dedicated to online promotion, y'all need a new plan, shit is officially different now. Anyway, I've posted Lemar, Craig David and Jay Sean's singles now, can't accuse me of favouritism!

The more I listen to this track, the more it grows on me, and I really hope it's the smash it deserves to be. It's getting playlist adds at major radio stations as you read this. And most importantly, with all three of the songs he has out now gaining airplay and positive reviews, Craig is building up a buzz again. Let's hope the success of his Greatest Hits disc gives him the momentum to drop another classic album next year.

Just for the record, I personally feel every album he's released has been good to excellent at what it was trying to do. "Born To Do It" was an undisputed classic. I thought "Slicker..." was a great R&B album, just not what people wanted to hear. "The Story Goes" had some underrated gems such as "Seperate Ways" on it, and "Trust Me" was a more mature R&B album and a departure from his previous material, but again filled with great songs.

This is a guy I will consistently support because as far as I'm concerned, he always delivers. I've seen him live many times now and every time he puts on a GREAT show. That Ronnie Scott's week long residency was a lesson to the scene on how to do it. His single choices might be questionable ("Hot Stuff" anyone?!) but his albums are always strong. This blog post wasn't supposed to be this long: I originally intended to just post the top two videos and go to sleep, but as I started typing I realised I was doing one of my favourite artists a disservice. It might not have been trendy to admit to being a fan of Craig David for a LONG time, but I'm not so bothered. UK R&B needs him back as soon as possible.

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