DJ DeeKay - In The Mix

Monday, 20 October 2008

"I love Soul II Soul, and So Solid sold because they never sold their souls..." ( c ) Bashy

A while back Bashy appeared on MistaJam's Jam Sessions with his live band The Truth Movement, and performed three tracks. Pay attention to the last track he performs, "Just Don't Know".

Bashy is top three selected. Deal with it.

"Why am I bothering, making real music if they're gonna sign Sovereign // love black music, not the acts, sign the opposite // called our music "urban", they should've called it MOBO // music of black origin..."

"In British music, they don't wanna see us excel // tried for years but they couldn't hold back Estelle..."

"This industry is gazing, I'll say it openly // how the hell did they miss out on signing Floetry..."

Bashy is saying alot. His album "Catch Me If You Can" out next year will probably be a UK classic. Remember I said it.

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