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Friday, 24 October 2008

"If you haven't got a vision then fam, where you going? // all I can see is my fanbase is growing..." ( c ) Wiley

This tune is fucked. Lemme warn you before you press play, if you haven't heard this song already, there's no way in the world you'll be prepared for what's about to come out of your speakers.

Wiley featuring Kano and Scorcher - See Clear Now

Shit's a bit... different eh? It's the title track taken from Wiley's forthcoming album, which, by his own admission, will be a chart-friendly commercial outing. That 1980's chorus and cheesy beat (sounds like some OLD school Kylie Minogue ting) should've resulted in a craptastic piece of trash that would've fit nicely on Ironik's album, but somehow it turned out pretty damn nice. It sure as fuck ain't grime, and I don't really understand why, but I love it.

Watch out for the She's Glowing video, featuring Kano and Ghetto, as well as a host of other Grime superstars. More behind-the-scenes pics here. The collaboration between the top three selected is for the lead single for Wiley's other album, "Race Against Time" which will be dropping on an independent flex soon. Can't front of Eski's workrate. Seems like the scene is finally coming together and building something serious with the top boys finally realising they need to make moves together. Shame they're doing it over 80s pop tracks with the copious use of autotune. But it had to start somewhere. History in the making.

"See Clear Now" (the album) drops on 10th November. Pre-order it here.

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