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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

"It's a hell of a thing you coming here to find out you and I are brothers..."

This blog post was originally supposed to be about HBO's recently deceased show The Wire, but I began writing while watching Season Three, Episode Four of Heroes, slowly coming to the realisation that part of me actually hates the show passionately. Whether watching genuinely great shows such as Arrested Development and The Wire in recent weeks has raised my expectations, the show's quality has genuinely dropped or my famous patience, tolerance and uncritical nature have just worn thin, I've found watching Heroes recently to be an act of self-loathing - I hate myself for wasting my time on this crap. This week especially, I feel as though I've missed five or six episodes, in which the logic-defying plot twists were developed and explored: this is possibly a result of seven days spent watching three seasons of The Wire, a show famous for it's slow and nuanced development of plot and it's meticulous attention to detail. Unpredictability is one thing, but these motherfuckers are clearly making it up as they go along. One of Season Three's recent revalations is ridiculous to "Sunset Beach" proportions - the nonsensical discovery that some major characters are in fact siblings. This inexplicable twist was quickly accepted by the characters in question, who, in consecutive episodes, carried on about their day as though the biggest shock of their lives was no big news.

Anyway, a post about The Wire tomorrow, this one was hi-jacked by Peter Petrelli and Co... speaking of which... I came to the realisation today while watching a face-off between Present Peter and Future Peter that Milo Ventimiglia, the actor who plays everyone's favourite time-travelling SuperMan, might possibly be the next Keanu Reeves. One-note acting with a blank stare and a range of around three facial expressions seems to be a gift of his.

P.S. In case anyone is thinking "why doesn't this hypercritical bastard just shut up and stop watching it if he hates it that much?!" - the answer to your question is that I've been watching the show so long that I feel almost invested in it, car-crash or not, and therefore despite being to see it's quite obvious flaws, I'm stuck with it against my better judgement. The same logic keeps me watching Prison Break. Furthermore, Hayden Panettiere and Dania Ramirez are fine.

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