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Sunday, 12 October 2008

"It's just my thoughts... just what I was thinking at the time..." ( c ) Jay-Z

First thing's first... Lemar's new single "If She Knew" - here's the video. It's out on 7th November and the new album "The Reason" drops two weeks later on 24th November.

"Produced By Jim Beanz courtesy of Timbaland Productions".

Didn't like this track at all when I first heard it earlier this week but it's really grown on me (might have something to do with finally being able to listen to it on my speakers as opposed to through headphones!). Video's not bad either. And Jim Beanz has both Craig David and Lemar's lead singles, all he needs now is to produce Jay Sean's next track and he's taken over the UK's entire (commercial) R&B scene.

Where the fuck has the scene gone?! Why haven't we got solo singles from Loick Essien and Tension? Surely in the aftermath of "Black Boys" Loick coulda dropped something (his chorus on Chipmunk's lead single "Beast" is disgusting btw) which would've got some attention! Why did Darren B's momentum stop at MTV Base?! He's got a great voice and Stand By Me and Shorty's Got It Bad were both sick. Like Loick, he's too talented to be wasted doing choruses for MCs for the rest of his career.

It's hard out there for a UK R&B singer. Unless you happen to be a white woman who sounds like you're about twice your actual age and were from a different era. Then you can do the most watered-down crap and people will hail you as one of the saviours of British Soul. Estelle better win that Best Female MOBO. Chasing Pavements and Warwick Avenue are nice tunes, but if anyone other than Estelle or Leona takes that statue home it's a par. And really and truly it needs to be Estelle who also needs to take home the same Brit Award in 2009. And everyone knows that I really LOVE Leona.

Oh and Jay Sean's new single "Tonight" is fucking fire. Just like the Craig David and Lemar singles, it's tryna capitalise on the trancey/techno/europop sound of the recent Chris Brown and Ne-Yo smashes ("Forever" and "Closer") but it's much better than "Insomnia" or "If She Knew". Funny that the three pretenders for the UK R&B crown all have similarly-styled upcoming singles. In my opinion Jay is the current incumbent, so it'll be interesting to see how these singles fare.

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