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Friday, 17 October 2008

The MOBOs 2008

So I wasn't at the venue (I didn't chase up the offer of free tickets like the unmotivated bastard I am, and judging from everyone's reaction, I don't seem to have missed out on much) and I didn't watch the BBC3 broadcast, so now I'm at home doing nothing at all, I figured I should fire up iPlayer and watch the show for myself... and blog my running commentary as though I didn't already know the results.
  • Estelle won Best Female! And if you read this blog you'll know how glad I am that the girl who deserved to take the award home did.
  • As Butterz pointed out, you can judge popularity based upon the crowd's reaction to the nominees. Adele and Duffy got air. They're obviously gonna takeover The Brits, I don't see why they deserved to be nominated here.
  • Chipmunk is the future.
  • Everyone's hyping Leona getting booed - from what I could hear, they didn't really boo Leona, they booed the fact that she couldn't be there. Movado got a huge boo when it was announced that he wasn't there. So did Wayne.
  • Sugababes sounded good doing their bit on She's Like A Star.
  • LOL @ Clichy! Sick guy, he was obviously just haps to be making his "premiere".
  • Estelle - Come Over is a nice tune.
  • Erm... Carey and David Grant?! What?!
  • Oi I just clocked Mel B's hair... it looks overly stupid. And what the hell was she wearing on the red carpet?! That space-suit thing?! She's too peng for this stupidness.
  • Okay I just saw Sunita's speech... they really did boo Leona.
  • Err... Flo-Rida's actual performance was differently swag. I wonda what they paid him for that performance, woulda been better off booking Wiley to do a WMR/In The Summer medley or something.
  • Fuck the idiots who boo Westwood... I wasn't supposed to swear in this post! But seriously, just fuck off. You might not like him, but have some respect for what the man's done for black music in this country.
  • LOL @ Chris Brown tryna pretend he cares about winning a MOBO. Let's hope he's not hoping to move into acting.
  • Umm... Grace Jones... seeeeeen.
  • Craig David is sick. That performance was live... okay Craig's "bars" at the beginning were not necessary but all three of them up there sounded really good, Tinchy did his thing.
  • Somebody please take the mic away from Alesha. Now.
  • Wiley or Jay Sean should've won Best UK Male.
  • RIP Daniel De Gale.
  • Big up Frosted Ice Inc.
  • Jay Sean's voice is much improved from his first album. I said this when I saw him live in February, and it was evident again here. He's developed into a pretty solid vocalist.
  • LOL @ Ace and Vis bumrushing the stage when Trevor Nelson won Best Radio DJ.
  • Congratulations to Jay Sean.
  • Shout out to the Commander... afta seeing Heidi from the Sugababes at the podium I understand exactly what you mean brother. Wasn't a good look when she was struggling to read the prompter though! My usual favourite Sugababe Amelle didn't look that great.
Hmm... well two hours later... I could've watched Heroes, Grey's and Desperate Housewives in this time... Only the Craig David performance was stellar, and possibly Estelle's performances. All in all, I'm glad I went Nandos and Empire Casino over Wembley Arena!

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