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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Viva La Hova

This joint right here... Best thing I've heard all month.

It's the brainchild of Mick Boogie and Terry Urban, and is, in their words, "a project honoring two of our favorite musical forces... Jay-Z and Coldplay". Put simply, it's a "Grey Album" style mashup using Hov and Coldplay's music, but unlike the multitude of such projects which followed Dangermouse's success, this is exceptional. The DJs reached out to producers ranging from 9th Wonder nVMe, laced them with samples and snippets with which to work their magic, and the rest is history. The result was an incredible prjoect, which successfully blends Shawn Carter's bars and Chris Martin's songs in a mixtape which should appeal to Hip-Hop and Indie fans alike. All the hyperbole in the world won't demonstrate just how good this shit is better than a little preview:

Coldplay and Jay-Z - Know My Place (Produced By The Amps)

Coldplay and Jay-Z - No Love Coming Home (Produced By The Kickdrums)

Download Mick Boogie and Terry Urban's exceptional "Viva La Hov" mixtape here. Be sure to check out the official website for the project. Mick Boogie has always been one of my favourite DJs. And as a DJ it pains me to admit there are people out there who do what I do better than me, but this guy has creativity and talent at levels which I can only hope I might one day be blessed. Support this project, download it, tell your friends about it. Not only is it important, it's actually fucking amazing too.

Here's the download link again.

If that doesn't work, try this or even this. That's Sendspace and ZShare respectively. Notice how many time's I've given you the download link. It's because you need to hear Viva La Hov, and you need to hear it as soon as possible! Pay attention!

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