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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

"This is that get crunk, move bitch // get drunk stupid // high like space, .45 on waist..." ( c ) The Diplomats

"The Diplomats" was a name that used to ring out in Hip-Hop, loved and hated in equal numbers by heads and critics alike. It took me a while personally to understand that Cam' and his boys were a lot more than just borderline-wack with basic bars. Those guys made anthems. Best beat selection in the game, lyrics steeped in steadfast confidence (I didn't wanna say "swagger"!). Hard to believe that this was nearly 5 years ago, but at one point I even fully rated Juelz as one of the best of the breed of up-and-coming MCs (which included Joe Budden, Lloyd Banks and Fab... none of whom even remotely reached their potential).

"Get Crunk Music" is probably my favourite of those Dipset bangers. There are others that are more well known, but this shit here is my personal theme music. I happened to stumble across the track this morning and as a result of the flood of memories it brought back, I thought it justified it's own post.

The Diplomats - Crunk Music

"Me? Human crack in the flesh // I'm the last of the best // One word to describe me? Spectacular, yes!" ( c ) Juelz Santana

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