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Friday, 28 November 2008

"We see the best examples of humanity in the face of the worst..." ( c ) Talib Kweli

No BoxFresh this week.

I know there are readers of this blog in Mumbai, so if you're reading this and you haven't done already, please get down to a hospital and try and give blood ASAP.

This tragedy didn't really hit me until a few minutes ago when I saw the list of the names of the dead and injured - the time it took me to scroll down past each of the names hammered home the point that this is something different to the random acts of evil permanently populating the news that I think most of us have become desensitized to at this point.

Understandably, the natural reaction to atrocities of this magnitude is to question humanity itself and wonder how those terrorists could commit such vile acts and kill innocent civillians so brazenly and without any sign of hesitation. That thought process is valid and very much necessary but perhaps we should also take time to recognise the humanity of the scared individuals in Mumbai who have rushed to give blood en masse and do everything they can to help the victims of these attacks. And to acknowledge the bloggers in India who offered their help in assisting families seeking information about their loved ones in Mumbai. A trivial gesture in the face of such violence perhaps, but as Talib Kweli said six years ago with regard to the aftermath of 9/11, humanity's finest characteristics shine brightest in the face of its most deplorable.

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