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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Alexandra Burke

Anyone who's had the misfortune of speaking to me since Saturday night knows that Diana was my favourite on X-Factor and that I was particularly unimpressed with her departure. All this "Diana can't sing" business is garbage. Such was my displeasure that I made the rather bold statement that Diana was the only person left on the show that I cared about and that, as long as Egon the Irish pygmy didn't win, I had no real interest in the Final.

Which was odd because, from the second I saw Alexandra's audition, until perhaps the last fortnight, I was firmly rooting for her. And furthermore, my feelings about JLS and Eggnog are fairly well documented. With that in mind, and a few spare hours today, I decided to hit up YouTube and study Alex's progress from her audition to this point. Having watched her sing for the last hour, I can say that my interest in her has been reinvigorated and I'm firmly behind her to win. Here are some of her highlights from the show thus far.


"Unbreak My Heart"

"Without You"

"I'll Be There"

"You Are So Beautiful"

Has this girl ever had a wack performance?! As a bonus, here's the one of the only times JLS have ever convinced me vocally, performing a "Beautiful Girls/Stand By Me" medley for their lives (in the show anyway).

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