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Thursday, 25 December 2008

Ashley Walters featuring Mutya - With You (Video)

I'll support Ash's projects standardly anyway, but I do actually like this track. Mutya looks like any Channel U chorus gyal though, hard to believe she was once a member of the country's biggest girl group. Her voice is still doing a lot but although this vid looks good, its not a good look for her at all. Hopefully the fact she's actually a big singer is enough to counteract that tooth and them tats.

Anyway, this tune is good, ain't gonna make an impact on the charts unless they've got an Electro remix hidden somewhere, but it's a pretty good video for a pretty good song.

Oh and Merry Christmas. Hope Santa shows up with the stuff you wanted. If I wake up with a caramel-complexioned buffting in my stocking then St Nick can call me a believer.

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