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Thursday, 1 January 2009

DeeKay's Best Of 2008 (Music)

Best UK Album

1. Chase and Status – More Than Alot
2. N Dubz – Uncle B
3. Kano – 140 Grime Street
4. Adele - 19
5. Jay Sean – My Own Way

The Chase and Status album was a truly remarkable Drum and Bass album, featuring an endless stream of bangers, crossing genres and melding styles with relative ease. It’s a tragedy this album won’t be widely appreciated for the classic it is, simply because it isn’t a vehicle for any of the British music industry’s current in-fashion fads. Conversely, N-Dubz’s Uncle B took only six weeks to go platinum, and has undoubtedly brought them the mainstream recognition they always deserved – just a few weeks ago they could be found on GMTV, lip-syncing latest single “Papa” while Kate Garraway and that-other-guy proclaimed them as what all the cool kids were listening to.

Honourable mentions: Ghetto – Freedom of Speech, Shayal – My Moment, Wiley – Grime Wave, Sway – The Signature LP

Best Hip-Hop Album

1. Kanye West – 808s and Heartbreak
2. T.I. – Paper Trail
3. Lil’ Wayne – The Carter III
4. Nas - Untitled
5. The Roots – Rising Down

808’s probably isn’t Hip-Hop, but I don’t know what else to call it, and furthermore, whatever genre you’d like to place it in, it was overwhelmingly the best album of the year. T.I. delivered a great album on which, “Whatever You Like” aside, even the obligatory chart-fodder was quality material.

Honourable mention: Blu and Exile – Below The Heavens (it might’ve dropped in 2007 but seeing as I’ve only just gotten around to listening to it on the last day of 2008, we’ll slot it in here. I’m embarrassingly late: had I not been slipping, this would have made it to the top of my list last year. Phenomenal album.)

Best R&B Album

1. Day 26 – Day 26
2. Ne-Yo – Year of the Gentleman
3. Jasmine Sullivan – Jasmine Sullivan
4. Lloyd – Lessons In Love
5. Usher – Here I Stand

The fact that I almost had to put an Estelle album which I consider to be fairly mediocre in my top five R&B albums of the year should be enough to indicate my general consensus on the genre in 2008. Day 26 did pretty well though. That was a very solid album, and “Since You’ve Been Gone” should be gearing up to take its rightful place as a classic R&B single instead of having been barely heard. Ne-Yo, indifferent as I am to him, dropped a decent album.

Best MC

1. Ghetto

That’s it. You can chat to me about other MCs that have had a good year. I know people have been feeling Dot Rotten (again I’m indifferent), and Wiley really picked up pace in the second half of the year, but every time Ghetts has touched mic, whether on radio or on a track, he’s done something disgusting. “Hunting We Will Go”, “Inna Di Ghetto”, “Don’t Phone Me”, “Sing For Me”, and that’s not even considering the bangers that were on Freedom of Speech. And the sets! The best MC in the scene by a mile.

Best Newcomer

1. Chipmunk
2. Crazy Cousins
3. N Dubz
4. Blu
5. Charles Hamilton

Chipmunk had a big year, breaking away from his peers to become an established and recognisable face for the scene. The Best Newcomer MOBO was just the icing on the cake for an MC who has seen his profile rise exponentially in the past twelve months, becoming the most talked about younger from the grime scene since Kano. I’ve already discussed N Dubz’s success. Funky house producers Crazy Cousins did a lot this year and will no doubt do more in 2009 with the commercial release of underground smash "Do You Mind". Charles Hamilton and Blu get a shout because they’re probably the only new Hip-Hop MCs to break through this year that are actually interesting and bringing something different to the table.

Best Song

1. Kano featuring Ghetto – Hunting We Will Go
2. Estelle featuring Kanye West – American Boy
3. Wiley – Wearing My Rolex
4. Chase and Status – Eastern Jam
5. Wretch 32 featuring Ghetto and Badness - Ina Di Ghetto

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