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Friday, 16 January 2009

"Even though we probably link up every now and then, with minimal convo, look it's really good to see you friend..." (c) Busta Rhymes

These days I'm fairly indifferent to Busta Rhymes, but this track is sick. I suppose with a lineup like that, it would've taken an epic fuck-up on somebody's part for this to be anything less than hot. Still, this ode to true friendship is one of Busta's better songs of recent times.

Busta Rhymes featuring Jamie Foxx, Mary J Blige and Common - Decisions (Produced By Dr Dre)

Or maybe I'm just a sentimental motherfucker that loves my friends.

"Sometimes I feel the people I love don't appreciate me // But some'll hate to see the shit I've been going through lately //See you was here when the shit started to hay-wire // You're still here, walking with me, going with through the fire // And I really love you for it, I know you all relate too // On everything that I believe, I appreciate you..."

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