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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

As should be evident from the timing of this post, I gave raving a miss last night and stayed at home with the fam. So, just before I jump into bed and call it an early night, let me wish you lot a Happy New Year.

To everyone who deserves it (y'all probably know who you are), thank you for your support thus far and I hope you stay with me in 2009. However big I might talk, I'm still on a humble vibe, so whenever I get even an iota of support, whether from friends, acquaintances or people I've never even met, I truly appreciate it.

With that said, fuck humility. No more Mr Nice Guy, it's 2009 now and I'm setting up for the win this year. I hope you lot come with me.

Oh, and I'll post up my "Best Of 2008" lists in the morning. And try and drop a best of 2008 mix by the end of the weekend at the latest.

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fullygrown said...

Happy new year cuzzy. To a decent '09 fam!