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Saturday, 3 January 2009

"I miss ya, I miss ya, I really wanna kiss you... but I can't..." ( c ) Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy featuring Sammie and Pitbull - Kiss Me Thru The Phone (remix)

Look, I realise the ridiculousness of me posting a Soulja Boy single straight after blogs about Obama's lack of response to recent events in the Middle East, a Black Ice song about New Orleans, and a track from Blu, one of Hip-Hop's best young lyricists. I realise the ridiculousness of me even liking this song, called "Kiss Me Thru The Phone", which is basically any bullshit contrived sentiment that actually makes me feel a bit sick. I even realise that any credibility I've got has probably just been destroyed.

But this beat bangs, what the fuck can I do?!

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