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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Leona Lewis - "I Will Be" (Video)

Fuck Chace "Nate From Gossip Girl" Crawford. Getting next to my woman like that!

Video's okay, I mean Leona is so fine that really it doesn't matter what else happens. I do quite like the song now though, which is odd because up until today, I barely acknowledged its existance.

Written by Avril Lavinge, but Leona's rendition offers much more character and emotional depth, purely because she has the far stronger voice and the ability to control that voice.

And on a random note, even though Zac Effron's been touted by most people for the role, I'd much rather see Crawford play Light Yagami if they ever make an American Death Note movie. I'm not convinced that he's a particularly great actor either, but come on, anyone but Effron!

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