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Saturday, 14 February 2009

"Ladies, lemme see you get down low..."

K.I.G. - Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toez

Never catch me in the rave doing this. Gangsters don't dance, and neither do rhythmically-challenged DJs. Wanna see me "keep it sho"? Find me at the bar.


Anonymous said...

I have so much to say about this video and funky house videos in general. Hmm, where to start...

I guess they probably decided to make this new video because now they have a bigger budget, what with AATW/Island releasing it, but I really don't see the point. If you're going to do a remake, it should be better, but this one’s not.

The concept is the same.

If it weren't for the bright colours and cameos, I would have gone on to another YouTube video. To me this video is just silly and doesn't do the song any justice What. So. Eva.

The first one ticked all the right boxes, I mean, the images and flashing lyrics went with the beat better-they matched in time with the rhythm of the beat and everything flowed well. It looked more fun, made you appreciate all the different elements to the song, made you want to get up and do the dance as you watched, (and yes DK you would be doing it too, don’t lie :), whereas the new one I don't think does the same.

You just sit there and watch, whereas the first one seems more inclusive. This new one gives off the vibe of, ‘this is us dancing’, ‘this is us mucking about having a good time with our friends.’ The first one however, gives off the vibe that everyone can jam together.

Every time I find out that a funky house tune has been made into a video, I always dread watching it because there's the fear that it's going to ruin the track. If this second video was what they only put out, it would have killed the song for me.

When I saw the Bongo Jam video, yeah I thought it was a bit funny, but it did nothing for the song. I actually think it cheapened the track. When I heard about Crazy Cousinz’s video for Do You Mind ft Kyla, I was thinking oh please don't let the video kill the song. Thank God it didn't. Looks like Crazy Cousinz really thought about it second time around.

KIG Family smacked it with their first video; so the question I can’t find the answer to is, why make another when the first has already generated a million hits?


DeeKay said...

LOL you did say a lot chinners. Right where to begin...

I prefer this video because it's clearly bigger-budget and designed for mainstream consumption. The first one was more interesting but it wasn't a suitable video for a track that's been signed and getting a mainstream release. Could you see it getting played on anything other than Channel U and that shitty LATE-night segment on Base that they par off the cheap videos onto?

This video on the other hand would look comfortable getting day-time spins on Kiss, Flava, Base, The Box, 4Music, TMF, all of those ones.

I mean I can see your objections, but their market for the first video and their market now that the single's been signed has changed. Again it's about production levels and the video not looking cheap in my opinion.

Even with the Bongo Jam and Do You Mind videos, they LOOKED good, they weren't embarassing or cheap, they could stand alongside the other videos getting played on these mainstream channels (most of them American with BIG budgets) and not look out of place.

Anonymous said...

I see your point that the original wouldn't be suitable on MTV Base, but judging it on video merits alone, in terms of what's going on in it, I don't think this is a good video. I could go deep and breakdown each section, but I don't type that fast.

I did notice that the scenes move a bit too quickly, KIG are all up in your face in front of the camera, colours are flying everywhere...I think it looks silly, and there is a point when something is too colourful.

Certain scenes are set up to mimic the first video, but because they weren't spontaneous like when they were on the high streets, these scenes in the new video don't look natural. They look awkward and don't flow very well.

Shall I start on the girls doing the choreography? Oops! I forgot I said I weren't going to go deep on this...

Do You Mind looked heavy, but, I would be embarrased to put Bongo Jam alongside the US videos. Again it is about the content.

I didn't understand what the foxes and eating chicken were about on Wearing My Rolex or the setting for Rolex Sweep.

I don't know who comes up with the concepts for the videos but I am rarely impressed. I know it is difficult to capture the mood of a dance track, because you probably need to capture an element of the atmosphere of its environment - the dancefloor. This might be why I think Do You Mind is perfect.

We've seen videos by American artists where they have a collage of images (Alicia Keys - Diary), even Jamelia did it with 'DJ', so simple camcorder footage does not always have to be relegated to Channel U or those late Base slots.

I'm not asking for Aphex Twin, a remake of MIA's 'Boyz' or even a So Solid. I just wish the money they received was put towards the one they did previously to make it Base-worthy.

PS: You shouldn't have told me about blogging. As you can tell I can't shut up! :)

DeeKay said...

Yeah the Rolex video was ridiculous. But then again that was a dance tune appealing to a dance fanbase who apparently like their videos wierd. With that said, fuck knows why there were women dressed as foxes eating chicken out of bins. It's obvious why Wiley didn't wanna be in that video. The electro scene ain't mine, so I don't know, but maybe in their scene they raid bins after the rave and munch on any cold meats they can find. So that Rolex video captured that element. Maybe?

And Rolex Sweep in a pub... I dno... Maybe they were tryna go as middle-england as possible. Like if they put the video in a pub they might appeal to the Guinness mandem.

LOL kids these days have got short attention spans, if you wanna keep them interested you've gotta have bright colours and frequent celebrity cameos. I'm thinking of changing the colour scheme of my blog to bright pink and yellow, and tracking down Twin B (either one) to get a big picture of him for my background. To look more professional init.

Bubbly bubbly.

Anonymous said...

LOL, you give me jokes!!!! Your comment had me laughing all the way through.

We should put these comments up on YouTube.