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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

"My chain swings from the left to the right..." ( c ) Scorcher

Scorcher - I Know

Argh... why?! Where's J2K and Wiley? What's all that Space Invader business at the end? I'm not even on that "Scorcher's swag" bandwagon, I think the guy is a beast on the mic when he wants to be but what's going on here? The video does look good, well produced, bright colours, professional, there's no doubting the levels in that sense. And I liked "I Know" last year, when it had J2K and those big 8 bars from Wiley (fresh from the Rolex hype) on it. I'm still holding out hope that his album will tread the line between his sometimes disgusting flow, and making commercial music that'll get him that mainstream money.


fullygrown said...

yeah man, it's a good video that. Hook isn't bad either.

Revolver was claiming on GF that Scorcher will go back to the greaze soon, but I can't really see it.

You heard that Pay Per View track on the Davinche beat?

DeeKay said...

Just heard it. It's alright when he breaks into the double-time flow but that slo-flow Wretch thing he starts off with... nah.

I think he's too far gone now. Every now and then he does a set and fucks it up, but there's too much Wretch-influenced business going on. I don't even need him to go back to shank bars, I'm all for that artistic growth business, but allow all this excessive swagger talk.

Actually just listening to Pay Per View again it's not bad in parts.