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Sunday, 8 February 2009

"So just one yourself, the girls love me more than I love myself..." ( c ) Chipmunk

Kid Bass featuring Sincere, Scorcher, Tinie Tempah, Wretch 32, Mark Henry and Chipmunk - 6Am

It's not even that I really like this. It's just that one Chipmunk line, which is pretty much what got this tune a reload the first time I played it, and convinced me to post it up. This kid most definitely has what it takes.

"I swing through like a monkey and take your chick (gimme that) //
The best newcomer ain't new to this //
The bar tender don't wanna sell me drinks //
*Took off my glasses*, "eh bitch I'm Chip" //
These haters wanna stare blud (tell me why)//
They ain't even on the level of my haircut (that's low)//
So just one yourself //
The girls love me more than I love myself..."
(c) Chipmunk

P.S. Having just seen the studio vid above on Semtex's blog, I switched mine up for his. Shout out to Sem.

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