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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Drake on Joe Budden TV

I'm talking a bit too much about Drake considering that ain't nobody breaking me off a cheque for it, but as I was mentioning his buzz on my radio show today, I saw this video just now and it kinda illustrates my point. Drake is with Joey in New York city, this brother's from Canada remember. See the love he gets from the locals, people lining up to take a picture with him and shake the man's hand. And he ain't even got an album out yet. Now that's buzz.

On a totally unrelated note, we had Kris Baya in the studio today, and he did an amazing acoustic version of Heartbreaker for us on a totally different vibe to the funky house original. What is it with artists coming onto Fresh Cuts and doing versions of their songs for us which completely duppy off the originals?! Charlie Brown did it with Dependancy too: as much as I love the original, the acoustic he did for us was on some next shit whereby I don't ever need to hear that OG studio version ever again because the Fresh Cuts version is just so good. Not that I'm complaining that artists are passing through and blessing us with legendary performances! Shout to Kris, Justin and of course CD Spinz.

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