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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Young Nate - I Wonder (Video)

Late on this because I was in Birmingham but this is a lovely slice of UK R&B, glad it's finally got a video. Maybe he'll be able to do what Nathan couldn't, the vocals are nice and it's perfect for the Summer. Wretch's verse on the remix is fucked too, it's a shame he couldn't make the shoot because I'm hoping this is going to get the push it deserves and go Top 20. Available now to buy on iTunes but I think it gets an official release on May 11th.


rudgeno1 said...

Song of the summer? Dear lord I hope not! Enjoyed the radio show though dude.

DeeKay said...

Lol it's a nice tune!

Glad you liked the show man, I can honestly say there's so much more to come.

rudgeno1 said...
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rudgeno1 said...

Nice perhaps, but hideously unoriginal to the extent where I rigorously checking this wasn't a "tune of the year" post from about 5 years ago (I deleted, edited and re-posted this just so I could stick that "5" in there, it was worth it).

I'm going to be one of those losers who emails into Radio 1 asking Paul Van Dyk to give a shout out for "me and the [insert stupid name of collective which is either fabricated there and then or generally giving off the impression this collective are a bunch of dicks] who are out at [insert shitty venue/night]", but please can you give a shout out to the "L Road Broz who r gna b mshn it up n ocina lolz".

Alternatively, speak in a posh accent when dedicating a tune to the Birmingham University clan who still try and save you from becoming 'London scum'.