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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Davinche and Clea on Fresh Cuts - Saturday 6th June

Davinche featuring Clea - Riding For Love (Fresh Cuts Acoustic) (Trailer)

Check out the preview of Davinche and Clea's exclusive acoustic performance of Riding For Love which they blessed us with when they paid us a visit recently.

You can hear that stunning performance in its entirety as well as our interview with legendary grime producer Davinche and soulful vocalist Clea on Fresh Cuts this Saturday (6th June) at 8pm on Roundhouse Radio.

And last but not least, sorry that Clea's face in this video is mostly obstructed by the pop shield! Her vocals were actually incredible, so it's a shame you can't see her all that well. That was my bad. Sorry Clea! Hopefully all the love we've shown this record will make up for it.

Oh and Riding For Love is out on the 8th June. That's a week on Monday. Digital download on the 7th. Cop that shit.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Fresh Cuts with DJ DeeKay and Chinners (30-05-09)

Listen back to the show here.

With special guests Nemesis and Arrogance.

Skepta featuring Jay Sean - Lush
Professor Green featuring Ny - Don't Let Go
Kris Baya - Keep It Going On
Busta Rhymes featuring Estelle - World Go Round
Wiley featuring Donaeo and Breeze - People Don't Know
Omarion - Thanks For Nothing
Bashy featuring Dappy - Travel The World
MJ Cole featuring Digga - Gotta Have It
Nemesis and Arrogance Interview
Nemesis and Arrogance Freestyle

Christina Milian featuring Kanye West and NatStar - Diamonds (remix)
Jay Sean featuring Lil' Wayne - Down
K-The-I??? - Decisions
Drake - Going In For Life
Ill Blu - Say Yes

Listen back to this week's show.

On an unrelated note, the stunning Calista (of Crazy Cousinz fame) passed through the studio today with her drummer and guitarist to play an incredible session for us which will be airing on Fresh Cuts very soon. Big up her, she was an absolute pleasure to have in and clearly a massive talent. That ssession is going to go down a storm.

"This ain't the drink talking here, but ever since I walked in here // I've been investigating you like Inspector Morse in here..." ( c ) Skepta

Skepta featuring Jay Sean - Lush

From Skepta's album Microphone Champion which is out on Monday. We opened Fresh Cuts with this tonight, it's absolutely fucked. Massive tune.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Saturdays - Work (Video)

I'm not gonna lie, I've listened to their album more than once. Rochelle and Vanessa are alot. So's Frankie but you if you know me you know I've got to rep for the ethnic minorities. iKid. Obviously.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

"Anyway, they don't know you, like I do // they'll never know you..." ( c ) Mr Hudson

Kanye West featuring Mr Hudson - Paranoid

It's quite a nice video. And (before Chinners accuses me of such impartiality), I'm not just saying that because Rihanna's in it doing a lot. I'm pretty indifferent to Rihanna anyway, except in this video where she looks great. And possibly in any recently-leaked photos I may only have seen because somebody physically held me down and forced me to look at them.

"DJ, make it funky for me..."

Attacca Pestante featuring Shea Soul - Make It Funky For Me

Massive. Big tune, big video, and hopefully it'll do extremely well when it's released, ideally some time in the Summer time.

Dun Know where I saw it first.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Kris Baya - Heartbreaker Video (Fresh Cuts Acoustic)

Kris Baya performing an acoustic version of his single "Heartbreaker" exclusively for us at the Roundhouse Radio studios.

The video I posted here a few weeks ago was just a snippet of the performance uploaded by Kris' manager Justin. Here's the whole thing courtesy of Fresh Cuts and High Fidelity. Watch out for more Fresh Cuts videos coming very soon.

"Up your work here, now shift // you're in first gear, I'm in fifth..." ( c ) Mz Bratt

Mz Bratt - Who Do You Think You Are

The song ain't my favourite (it is growing on me though) but the video is LIVE. Big up Chinners who was at this shoot. Big up Bratt, I'm hearing that big things a gwan for her. Let's hope All Around The World don't drop the ball with this one.

Monday, 25 May 2009

JLS - Beat Again

This song wasn't made for people like me. The bait factory-produced sound of this whole song is clearly designed to appeal to a pop-loving mainstream audience.

But I'm not gonna lie, it's grown on me. In fact I really like it. The shame.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Eminem on Westwood (Videos)

Ummm... Westwood's taking this for a joke. Quite amusing. "Media Take Out are suggesting that you urinated on her [Mariah]?". Wow.

Friday, 22 May 2009

"I walk like this 'cause I can back it up..."

Beyonce - Ego

I prefer the remix with Kanye, but this is probably still my favourite song from Beyonce's last album, alongside "Smash Into You".

Oh I don't like this video. Like even looking at Beyonce wasn't enough to keep me interested through this bullshit. But judge for yourselves because I HATE "Single Ladies" with a passion and I think I'm in a worldwide minority there.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

"Baby don't worry, you are my only, you won't be lonely // even if the sky is falling down..." ( c ) Jay Sean

Jay Sean featuring Lil' Wayne - Down


"You say you want passion? I think you've found it..." ( c ) Jeremih

Jeremih - Birthday Sex (Live Acoustic)

Saw this on Davinche's blog. The OG is a heavy slowjam, I quite like this stripped down version. Pause.

This kid Jeremih seems like he's got a reasonable amount of talent. I pegged him for any J Holiday before seeing this video.

On a TOTALLY unrelated note (unless Leona Lewis or that Norweigan (?) chick that Chinners reckons looks like Leona is reading this) it's my birthday tomorrow. Big up me.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

"It's just a matter of time until I come back to my senses..." ( c ) Ny

There's really no excuse for me only hearing this for the first time this week. Big up Ny, she passed through Fresh Cuts at the weekend to record something special for us which will be airing very soon. Davinche and Clea also dropped in that day and blessed us - I don't take it for granted in the slightest but big name guests are a normal thing for us. With that said, Saturday 16th May was definitely a personal highlight for me.

It's a par that I only heard "Fool In Love" after she left the studio, because if I knew about it before, there's no way I would've let her leave without giving us a PA of it! Massive tune. The beat is fucking heavy - I actually only discovered it because the instrumental was on the CD that Ms Gray left us.

Count and Sinden featuring Ny - Fool In Love

Ny's "Dangerous" is out June 15th, scroll down to peep the video for that. Twitter her here. Davinche and Clea's "Riding For Love" is out for digital download on 7th June with the CD Single dropping on the 8th. Both Ny and Davinche/Clea will be on Fresh Cuts very soon, keep locked here for dates.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

"Before you make the biggest mistake of your life // just give me the chance to make it right..." ( c ) Mr Hudson

I'm not late, we played this on Fresh Cuts last night. This is a certified future smash hit.

Bashy on ITN News

Bashy repped properly here. No talk about purple people or being Prime Minister or anything. This guy is destined for big things.

ITN News you know!

Friday, 15 May 2009

"Wooooah, wooaaaaah woaaaaaah woah..."

Left to right, Kadir, Vim and Mynden (aka Off Key) perform their debut single "She Don't Know My Name" outside the Roundhouse @ last weekend's Turning Point festival. Shame on the Roundhouse, parring off these kids by forcing them to busk outside for change with no mics and only the traffic on Chalk Farm Road for acoustic support.

The Asian JLS? Fuck that, they're the new Destiny's Child. Dun kno.

What would Simon say?

Woah. Woaaaah Woaaaaah Woah.

No send. No, really, I'm not sending, I'm supporting. Just making that clear now to avoid any future drama.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

"I need it, girl you proud of the way you got me feenin'? // Oh I got a hunger, I gotta feed it..." ( c ) Digga

MJ Cole featuring Digga - Gotta Have It

There are certain songs that I only need to hear once and I get a vibe from them whereby I know that they'll be in rotation on repeat for the forseeable future. The last time it happened was with the Soundbwoy mix of Kris Baya's Heartbreaker, and from the second I heard this I knew it was gonna be another one. Expect to hear this on heavy rotation on Fresh Cuts. BIG tune. I really fucking miss garage. And MJ Cole is an amazing producer that's responsible for the majority of my favourite UKG tunes so thank fuck he's back. Big up Charlee Brown for making me aware of that major development which will hopefully make this Summer sound like Summers are supposed to.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

"A fat blunt is all I need, because I don't even do drugs // just weed..." ( c ) Ludacris

Asher Roth featuring Ludacris - I Love College (remix)

Best Luda verse I've heard in years.

Monday, 11 May 2009

"Go commercial? Yeah I want a plaque // a platinum one with Kano on that..."

Davinche featuring Kano - Party Over Here

In no way do I endorse the dismissal of Joe Budden in the chorus, but this shit sounds like 2004 Kano and that can never be a bad thing. Wonder if this is an old track or something new for Davinche's album.

Actually, listening to the bars, it must be old. Just when I was hoping that he'd regressed back to when he was actually a better MC. Not that he's not good now, saw him headline Turning Point last weekend and he actually fucked the set up something special.

Dizzee Rascal performs Bonkers on Jonathan Ross

Watch DJ Semtex during this video. Most DJs just try and look busy whilst in reality they're playing the instrumental track and doing fuck all. Clearly Semtex ain't one of them guys, his scratching adds to the performance I think. Probably THE most random thing to notice from this video, but that's the thing that jumped out at me.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Wayne Marshall - Good Love (Video)

Tami Chynn's kinda nice. So's the song.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

"Roads are like "Bashy's the best now", well I must be // got a following from London to Dundee..." ( c ) Bashy

Nemesis and Arrogance featuring Bashy and Lazy Habits - Rise And Fall

Linked up with these guys last weekend when they came down Roundhouse Radio to do some stuff with me and Chinners for Fresh Cuts. That should be airing a bit closer to their mixtape release date, I'll keep you posted.

Nemesis and Arrogance's Blog

"See more time I feel let down..." ( c ) Double S

Double S - Time To Waste

Honestly I like this beat a lot and Double is one of the MCs I actively check for. Flow for days.

Redtop Summer Issue Is Here...

Like it's actually here. You can see it up there if you don't believe me. That's in the Roundhouse. See how it's all neat - that's because we just put them out fresh after the first batch had been snapped up. We're also all over London (because we're big like that!). You can pick the magazine up from...

They're all in Covent Garden. There's also Westside in Harrow (opposite the Disney store in St George's if you're from those sides). Oh and Urban Outfitters in Oxford Street. And many more outlets to come next week. I did try and warn you we were serious.

If you've seen the magazine, and you want some more, you can hit up the (still in development) Redtop Blog here. Trusay it's looking a bit dry at the moment, but if you read this blog, you know how I get down, so it's really just a matter of time until that one is lively. And there's Roundhouse Money there so hopefully someone blesses us with a nice template and a fully operating multimedia platform befitting of such a quality magazine.

Redtop Takes Over The VIP @ Turning Point

Check out Redtop's heavy presence in the VIP bar at this weekend's Turning Point festival which kicked off at the Roundhouse last night.

Unfortunately, while I can do most things (listen, before you think it, you can't even call me big-headed, I didn't say I do most things WELL, I just said I do them!), I'm definitely no photographer, so my mediocre camera skills fail to show off the levels to which we'd taken over the VIP.

It was impressive.

As is Turning Point really, I've never seen the Roundhouse buzzing like it was today, so props to the whole Turning Point team. I'll personally big up Dave, Chantelle and Sei-Kee. Oh and the yellow t-shirt crew, I might join your ranks tomorrow maybe, if I can stretch out what's clearly a medium into something nearing an XL.

So yeah, Turning Point @ The Roundhouse this weekend. Tomorrow is sold out so if you missed out, tough (well not really, I'll explain how you can still be a part of the madness later on). On the other hand, I've gotta wear this wristband for the rest of the weekend, and like an idiot I told the lady at the Box Office to put it on tight so it wouldn't fall off. It's SERIOUSLY getting on my nerves now.

Kano, Tinchy Stryder, Natty, Ghetts, Bashy and the Noisettes at Turning Point tomorrow. If you really are missing it, you should probably check out the stream. I'm watching it right now, the quality is amazing. And whoever is on stage now was in the VIP while we were plastering it with Redtop material. Think it was the Qemists. Wow, that's like the best stream of a live event I've ever seen. Shout out to whoever's hooked that up, good job whoever you are!

Right, that's all for now. If you're going to the Roundhouse this weekend, pick up a copy of Turning Point. And if you see me around... buy me a drink or say hello or something.

- DeeKay

Monday, 4 May 2009

Kris Baya - Heartbreaker (Fresh Cuts Acoustic Video)

Not Fresh Cuts TV, just some footage from Kris' camp of his exclusive acoustic performance of Heartbreaker for Fresh Cuts which aired Saturday on Roundhouse Radio. Shout to Justin.

More footage of this and some other major Fresh Cuts studio performances coming from me very soon. Possibly tomorrow. But probably not because I've got all sorts to do. Definitely before the end of the month though. Got videos dating back to the Charlie Brown set to edit and upload. When I do eventually get around to all of that, y'all are in for a treat.

Bring It Back 321

Real talk it's possible I wasn't alive when most of these dances were, but I've seen this enough times now to be convinced. Summer smash. Could never catch man doing the robot tho still, no matter how many times Tulisa tried to convince me.

Big up the guy that climbed into that fountain with the horses inbetween Leicester Sq and Picadilly Circus. You don't even know the number of times I've been sat in that very same spot and been tempted to either climb in myself or fling out an arm and push whoever I was there with into the water.

Maybe now people will FINALLY know what I mean when I'm linking them in London and I tell them "meet me by the horses!".

Riding For Love

Davinche featuring Clea and Bashy - Riding For Love

Davinche and Clea will be on Fresh Cuts this month, so stay locked for that because it's gonna be massive.

This single is out May 25th alongside all the other vocals of the Rider beat (Ghetts/JME/Keedo, Tinie Tempah, Tinchy, Wiley, Skepta, etc). A Katie Pearl vocal might've been nice actually, not that I don't like what Clea's done with it, but there's room for both of them.

Any questions for Davinche, drop them in the comments page, I may or may not ask them.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

"Knock knock, who's there? Bashy, big beard..."

Bashy - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

It's disgusting how this song's grown on me over the last two weeks. The beat is retarded. I'm listening to the promo of Catch Me If You Can right now, it's pretty good, fuck what you heard. It's not a Grime album, it's Hip-Hop but it's a very good Hip-Hop album and is full of actual well-crafted songs. "Change" is the standout to me right now but I'll definitely be spinning the majority of this album over the next few months on Fresh Cuts.

Big up Bashy, the album's been a long time coming but in my opinion, he's definitely delivered.

"So talk to your girl, don't be all mad at Green // I ain't looking at her backside, it's looking at me..." ( c ) Professor Green

Professor Green - Hard Night Out

I know I'm late but better late than never.

Eminem - 3am (Video)

Now this is some Slim Shady shit. Creepy as fuck.

"One minute I was battling Jin // the next minute I was nobody, back in the gym..." ( c ) Saint

F.L.I.P. featuring Dappy - Why Is It

Must be Dappy week on High Fidelity. Here's another track featuring the N-Dubz star, this time by UK Hip-Hop supergroup F.L.I.P. (Fuck Living In Pain). Chinners told me aaaages ago that Dappy was a pretty good MC, I didn't really pay much attention to her, but it's evident from this track that she was right. He does alot on this one.

Big up Nemesis and Arrogance, they passed through Roundhouse Radio to see us at Fresh Cuts yesterday and I peeped this track on their blog so gotta show some love.

"Unless I'm performing, allow Ibiza // I'd rather be on a plane to Dominica..." ( c ) Bashy

Bashy featuring Dappy - Travel The World

To be honest, I have no idea why this shit ain't in my inbox yet, it would've opened Fresh Cuts nicely this week. Someone's slipping. BIG tune. If the Tinchy tune wasn't evidence enough, it's apparent now that Dappy is a fucking beast.

Catch Me If You Can drops on June 1st, and you can catch Bashy at the Turning Point Festival at the Roundhouse next weekend. I think he's playing on Saturday but the full lineup is here so check it out for yourself. Then check the rest of the lineup, and tell me £25 for a ticket to see all of that isn't bargain of the summer. I'll be around so if you are going, say hello when you see me.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

"Don't you see the signs? Written in my eyes..." ( c ) Ny

Ny - Dangerous

This is hot. Glad to have some music from this lady to support. Last thing I heard was Fallin' I think. Ny on Fresh Cuts very soon (hopefully). I shouldn't be announcing stuff like that until it's 100%. Let's pretend I didn't and y'all can just enjoy the song and the video.