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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Eminem on Westwood (Videos)

Ummm... Westwood's taking this for a joke. Quite amusing. "Media Take Out are suggesting that you urinated on her [Mariah]?". Wow.


chinners said...

Westwood is such a legend. That interview was so funny. It's all in his delivery - he should do comedy.

I kinda felt sorry for Eminem sometimes with all the stupid questions but his reactions were so funny; he totally flipped it with the dinosaur question.

Q: Can you ask him if he's seen my reading glasses please, I still can't find them? (The smirk on his face at the end when he answered that) Lol

DeeKay said...

Lucky Eminem ain't one of those unfunny Flo-Rida robot type guys who can't really deal with jokes eh. We need to interview Flo-Rida. That's one of my aims for the year.

Still ain't heard Semtex's interview, will have to listen to that this week, is it a bit more serious?

Anish said...

that freestyle was awesome! I always thought westwood at least ran the tracks himself, but he even has someone to do the actual DJ'n for him!! You reckon he has someone to press the 'EXPLOSION' button as well?

DeeKay said...

Nah that's Alchemist (Eminem's tour DJ). If you see any of the other Westwood TV videos, he's got this touch screen computer thing he uses to drop the bombs and jingles and stuff. I think Roundhouse Radio needs to get one of them!