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Thursday, 14 May 2009

"I need it, girl you proud of the way you got me feenin'? // Oh I got a hunger, I gotta feed it..." ( c ) Digga

MJ Cole featuring Digga - Gotta Have It

There are certain songs that I only need to hear once and I get a vibe from them whereby I know that they'll be in rotation on repeat for the forseeable future. The last time it happened was with the Soundbwoy mix of Kris Baya's Heartbreaker, and from the second I heard this I knew it was gonna be another one. Expect to hear this on heavy rotation on Fresh Cuts. BIG tune. I really fucking miss garage. And MJ Cole is an amazing producer that's responsible for the majority of my favourite UKG tunes so thank fuck he's back. Big up Charlee Brown for making me aware of that major development which will hopefully make this Summer sound like Summers are supposed to.

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