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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Redtop Takes Over The VIP @ Turning Point

Check out Redtop's heavy presence in the VIP bar at this weekend's Turning Point festival which kicked off at the Roundhouse last night.

Unfortunately, while I can do most things (listen, before you think it, you can't even call me big-headed, I didn't say I do most things WELL, I just said I do them!), I'm definitely no photographer, so my mediocre camera skills fail to show off the levels to which we'd taken over the VIP.

It was impressive.

As is Turning Point really, I've never seen the Roundhouse buzzing like it was today, so props to the whole Turning Point team. I'll personally big up Dave, Chantelle and Sei-Kee. Oh and the yellow t-shirt crew, I might join your ranks tomorrow maybe, if I can stretch out what's clearly a medium into something nearing an XL.

So yeah, Turning Point @ The Roundhouse this weekend. Tomorrow is sold out so if you missed out, tough (well not really, I'll explain how you can still be a part of the madness later on). On the other hand, I've gotta wear this wristband for the rest of the weekend, and like an idiot I told the lady at the Box Office to put it on tight so it wouldn't fall off. It's SERIOUSLY getting on my nerves now.

Kano, Tinchy Stryder, Natty, Ghetts, Bashy and the Noisettes at Turning Point tomorrow. If you really are missing it, you should probably check out the stream. I'm watching it right now, the quality is amazing. And whoever is on stage now was in the VIP while we were plastering it with Redtop material. Think it was the Qemists. Wow, that's like the best stream of a live event I've ever seen. Shout out to whoever's hooked that up, good job whoever you are!

Right, that's all for now. If you're going to the Roundhouse this weekend, pick up a copy of Turning Point. And if you see me around... buy me a drink or say hello or something.

- DeeKay

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