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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

"It's just a matter of time until I come back to my senses..." ( c ) Ny

There's really no excuse for me only hearing this for the first time this week. Big up Ny, she passed through Fresh Cuts at the weekend to record something special for us which will be airing very soon. Davinche and Clea also dropped in that day and blessed us - I don't take it for granted in the slightest but big name guests are a normal thing for us. With that said, Saturday 16th May was definitely a personal highlight for me.

It's a par that I only heard "Fool In Love" after she left the studio, because if I knew about it before, there's no way I would've let her leave without giving us a PA of it! Massive tune. The beat is fucking heavy - I actually only discovered it because the instrumental was on the CD that Ms Gray left us.

Count and Sinden featuring Ny - Fool In Love

Ny's "Dangerous" is out June 15th, scroll down to peep the video for that. Twitter her here. Davinche and Clea's "Riding For Love" is out for digital download on 7th June with the CD Single dropping on the 8th. Both Ny and Davinche/Clea will be on Fresh Cuts very soon, keep locked here for dates.

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