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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Mr Hudson featuring Kanye West - Supernova (Video)

Great song, great video. Personally I can't wait to see Hudson perform at Wireless and given that a whole host of big players are in the UK over the weekend, I'm really curious as to what kinda surprises are lined up for Sunday at Hyde Park. Kanye to bring out Weezy perhaps?

Monday, 29 June 2009

Maxwell - Pretty Wings (Live @ BET Awards 2009)

Last one, I promise. Maxwell KILLED this - great performance, he's definitely come back with a bang this year. Pause.

"There'll be no darkness tonight // lady our love with shine..."

Ne-Yo - Lady In My Life (Michael Jacskon Tribute - Live @ BET Awards 2009)

Tyrese, Trey Songz and Johhny Gill - Ojays Tribute

From the BET Awards 2009. Real R&B Dream Team right here.

"This shit violent // this is death of autotune, moment of silence..." ( c ) Jay-Z

Jay-Z - Death of Autotune (Video)

Jay-Z - Death of Autotune (Live at the BET Awards 2009)

Shout to RapRadar.

Janet speaks on Michael and Jamie Foxx and Ne-Yo perform I'll Be There

From last night's BET Awards.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

"To the game, to the world, because I don't need a feature on my shit to make it sell..." ( c ) Kano

Kano - Death of Everything(MistaJam Radio Rip)

I really hope he's not tryna say something to Tinchy because that would look real bitter right now. And factually inaccurate.

This Is The Girl, Typical Me, Nite Nite, Feel Free... None of which even touched the Top 10.

Don't get it twisted, Kano was my top UK MC since I was 16, maybe he fell from that esteemed position a couple of years ago but he's still sick and he does fuck this track up nicely, but I just hope he's not sending for Stryder because there's no need.

"People saying Michael Jackson was the King of Pop // but I'm saying he was the King full-stop..." ( c ) Sway

Sway - The King Full Stop

This is pretty powerful. Sway included the lyrics with the track so I think it's only right I do so too.


"Jackson, Jackson,
The legend Michael Jackson,
Forever remember where you was when it happened,
Everybody staring at phones reading their flashes
In hope it was just a rumour and sooner we’ll get the facts in.
I’ll always remember the spot where I was standing
Exact same spot where I felt like collapsing.
Our relationship with music he has always been the captain
Even after confirmation it sunk, it never sank in.
The same year I was born Michael brought you “Thriller”.
Funny the 1st ever album that I was brought was Thriller.
Out of this world his moonwalk done brought us all together.
An important figure can’t figure a human force that’s bigger.
It wasn’t right how the media handled Mike
Disgusting how they’re always discussing if he was black or white.
His mum was black, his dad was black so it aint rocket science to say he’s black alright.
But that didn’t matter to him, cause he was not racist.
Self proclaimed “Bad” thus he caught cases
There ain’t a smooth criminal without court cases.
Said he was touching, I said he was touching all nations,
Even before “Dangerous” he’s like a thousand times bigger than rest
Rewind his tape like a thousand times Elvis was a great and Lennon was a Legend and Michael J was like both over a thousand times.
They said that his sales declined but after about 750 million what’s left to yell about?
There ain’t a music act that doesn’t owe Jacko, jack
So he’s always gonna sell as long as they’re about
Watching his life was an honour and I don’t mean no kinda disrespect to Madonna
But Michael was on a different level, and he adopted all of us in his songs
While he was trying to heal the world like a doctor.
I hope the money goes to the kids, as I hold these two O2 tickets. For his 50 date tour less than 50 days away so from his death at 50 wish he had 50 days more but never got half, passed on the 25th of June and we should remember this day as his.
I believe he never left and he would never leave, never been a legend that lived that can ever breathe, never been a martyr that fought that can forever bleed, never been a leader that walked, that can forever lead, God will give him to us same God will to take him from us. Now he’s in his rightful place cause he was so heavenly. All for one and one for all he made a song for all, so I put a copy of his “Off The Wall” on the wall.
My town misses him, your town misses him, everybody since motown misses him. Now when you think of him picture him standing on a stage with his hand up one glove glistening, whole world at a standstill listening anticipating his next move the King is him.
From age 5 and the days of J5 he’s never took a break, no rest to take 5, there’ll never be a next the rest just ain’t Mike.
Time to pay our respects and watch the angels take flight
Out into the sky and never ever land, cos his house was in the sky and never, never never land.
Under all the pressure he never ever ran, he’s the best forever damn, who dressed forever glam.
The biggest man on the planet, not just a brother to Janet, our thoughts go out to his family,
He gave his hearts to the fans and he paved the way for the future, still his flame is in you, ‘cos he inspired song writers, record labels, producers,
They saying Michael Jackson was the King of Pop.
But I’m saying he was the King full stop.
People saying Michael Jackson was the King of Pop,
but I’m saying he was the King full stop."

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sway - Blackberry Man (Video)

LOL. But the Blackberry people know still.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

My Personal Favourites

If it's true then RIP and if it isn't then that's a blessing. I dont wanna hear any of that other shit people are talking, miss me with that.

"She knows I'm that guy, she knows who I are // I'm sipping on my drink and I'm just watching from afar..." ( c ) G FrSH

G FrSH featuring Tinie Tempah and Deniro - Afar

Umm I never thought I'd say these words but G FrSH's first verse is great. Tinie is by far the superior MC, and yet that first verse easily tops his guest offering on this track.

And Jak FrSH is a great director, literally every video this guy's made lately has set levels.

"Out of all these girls in this club, how did I end up with this one?! // Damn it, I had one too many drinks..." ( c ) London

London featuring Flo-Rida - One 2 Many (remix)

You know them ones there. Shout out to... nah I'll let it slide this time out of respect.

I didn't particularly wanna include the Flo-Rida remix, but that was the only one streaming on YouTube. Apologies for subjecting you to him, but the song is heavy.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Fresh Cuts with DJ DeeKay and Chinners (20-06-09)

With special guest Calista, who gave us a fascinating (and funny!) interview and a scorching acoustic performance.

Listen back to the show here.

Geeneus featuring Natalie Marie and B-Live - In The Moment
Dirty Danger - 'Ard Bodied
MJ Cole featuring Digga - Gotta Have It (Ill Blu Mix)
Ny - Birthday Sex
Donaeo - Over You
Jade Smallz featuring Bashy - I Found You
Tinie Tempah - No Competition
Willis Rose featuring Cassie and Diddy - Must Be Love (remix)
Black Canvas - Once Again

Calista - Come Home (Fresh Cuts Live Acoustic)
Calista Interview
Calista - New Day (Fresh Cuts Live Acoustic)

Joe - Friends Don't Let Friends
Lowkey featuring Wretch 32 - In My Lifetime
Kyza - Love and Music
Lloyd - Night and Day
Ne-Yo - Rich Man
Teyana Taylor - Complicated
R Kelly featuring Akon - Making Me
Raheem DeVaughn featuring Bun B - Wing And A Prayer
JLS - Beat Again
Fuzzy Logic featuring Egypt - In The Morning
Asher Roth featuring Keri Hilson - She Don't Wanna Man
Ashley Walters featuring Chipmunk - Own Two Feet
Jamie Foxx featuring Drake, The Dream and Kanye West - Digital Girl (remix)
Wiley - Music I Like
Kyla - Daydreaming

Listen back to the show here.

Two and a half hour special this week - we overran slightly. We're back on Saturday with our regular 2-hour show and an interview with Bashy.

"I run tings, you just run // I put my fam on the screen like Rev Run..." ( c ) Sway

Ezee featuring Sway and Dialtone - Dance For Me


"And while that sweat drip, I am reminded // all the times my brother told me that pussy is blinding..." ( c ) J Cole

J Cole - Lights Please

Excuse the vulgarity. You know I don't get down like that. But before you say something, you've got to acknowledge that it's a universal truth.

This guy's buzz has literally come outta nowhere, but he's signed to Hov's Roc Nation imprint, and this is one of the songs he played to Jay-Z that got him that deal.

Anyway, I didn't understand the hype until I heard his mixtape The Warm Up which dropped last week. He's dope. Really dope. I mean it ain't So Far Gone, but we can add him to that Fresh Cuts team of superhero rappers. This track is outstanding. Listen to the lyrics!

Ghetts Interview

Announces the name of his album, his forthcoming mixtape and spits some bars. Ghetts is obviously gonna have the best album of all the UK artists releasing this year.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Devlin - London City (Video)

Seeing as I like this song so much I figured the video deserved a second post. This song is fucked and Devs is overly sick so I hope that people who are hearing of him for the first time take him seriously and don't just bouy him off as any Channel U (AKA!) guy. If you don't like this, you're lost.

"Girl you need a hero..." ( c ) Sef

Sef featuring Swiss - Need A Hero

Video looks great, dunno about the main video girl though. I've always liked Sef, hopefully he makes it this go round. The auto-tune was totally unnecessary on Swiss' verse though.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

"This is London city, the best city in the world when everybody's not shanking and blasting..." ( c ) Devlin

Devlin - London City

Sounds like a Mike Skinner tune. If this song is the Devs joint that got signed, I could completely understand why. The beat is beautiful. Devlin does well on this, it's the right vibe for tired reflection - Kanye's "Streetlights" kinda thing. Love it.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Donaeo Interview

Very interesting interview.

Part I

Part II

"You're making me wanna get up out of this club..."

R Kelly featuring Akon - Making Me (remix)

Jeez. Best Kellz song in years.

"You could've been anyway in the world but you're here with me // that's good for my ego // me and my ego..." ( c ) Kanye West

Beyonce featuring Kanye West - Ego (remix)

" ego is my imaginary friend, he was with me when I was only imagining // I had dreams of the league, one day I'll play Kobe // Or walk up to Puff and he would really know me // I coulda let the dream killers kill my self-esteem // Or use the arrogance as the steam that powers my dreams // and my ego..."

Spotted at RapRadar. Obviously.

Monday, 15 June 2009

The Slaughterhouse Rules

Saw this at Nah Right. I fuck with Slaugterhouse (pause). Royce was a cool guy when we interviewed him for Fresh Cuts back in April.

Amerie - Why R U

I'm not gonna lie, I do like this. And it doesn't even sound like One Thing. Wow.

iKid. Spotted at Chinners' blog.

Westwood Interviews Stryder

Gotta respect Tinchy, he's no clown.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

"How can you be a king when you roll through anywhere? // Wiley, you don't roll through anywhere..." ( c ) Skepta

Skepta - In The Country

So on "Zip It Up" on his album, Wiley had the bar:

"I'm a king when I roll through anywhere // you're just a king when you roll through Barnet..."

At the time I didn't even clock it was a send for Skepta. This is fucking jokes. Skeps actually shot this video up in Dollis Valley. Maybe he's the one who's been putting the June 1st Skepta vs Wiley posters up all over Barnet!

Doubt that's actually Wiley's yard because it's known he lives up north these days and I refuse to believe they would've gone to that kind of effort.

Wackest Of All Time Interviews KRS-One

You already know I'm not a hater and I try to avoid posting negativity up here but with that said...

Is this kid special or something? What the fuck is this? I figured it makes sense to post possibly the worst interviewer in history directly after possibly the best (Big Dawg Tim). If he's playing some kinda character he should stop because it's shit.

The gist of this interview is that KRS praises Eminem and somewhat surprisingly, kind of defends the mass use of Auto-Tune in Hip-Hop.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Westwood Interviews Ciara

Westwood is the greatest of all time.

JRA - Every Girl (Acoustic Cover)

Shout to Team Supreme, that's where I observed this pretty amazing cover version. Dare I say I'm inclined to agre with them that this is on a par with, if not better than the original.

"I know you like it when I turn that beat down real like // and you hear them 808s humming..." ( c ) Lloyd

Lloyd - Night and Day

Lloyd is the most underrated R&B singer around, moreso than even Trey Songz. He's dropped three exceptional albums, and the album cast-offs that leak are hotter than most people's singles.

Case in point. This is fire. And there's about 16 bars of instrumental in there towards the middle in which a Drake verse might sit perfectly. I'm just saying.

Friday, 12 June 2009

"Fresh Cuts is dangerous..." ( c ) Ny

Our special guest on Fresh Cuts this Saturday is none other than Miss Nyomi Gray, better known as Lady Ny. She's going to be passing through the studio to have a chat with us and perform her new single "Dangerous" (which is out on Monday). If we're lucky she might even perform last year's Funky House smash Falling Again. And let's just say I tend to get lucky.

Jokes. The interview was recorded a couple of weeks ago so I already know that on Fresh Cuts tomorrow she performs Dangerous and Falling Again and dishes the dirt on who her favourite MCs are, who she's working with on her album, what inspired the single, touring with Count and Sinden, and how she really feels about Funky House.

That's Fresh Cuts with DJ DeeKay and Chinners on Roundhouse Radio, Saturdays at 8pm.

"She likes the carnival // favourite film Love and Basketball..." ( c ) Ghetts

Wiley featuring Wrigley, Chipmunk, Griminal, Ice Kid, Wretch 32, Scorcher, J2K, Bashy and Ghettz - She Likes To (remix)

Half the scene (give or take) together and this is what they came up with?!

Individually most of them actually do alot - like bar for bar there's some pretty good verses there, but for all those names this song isn't the one is it?!


Just seen the Season Two finale. It's alot. Not for the storylines, which on a week-by-week basis are a little formulaic and predictable (although the show "mythology" running through the whole series is pretty awesome). This show wins because the witty dialogue, and much more significantly, the characters. Never have I seen a show with such a likeable main and supporting cast. And I watch a lot of shows.

It's light and entertaining and unlike Lost, The Wire, 24 and all the other shows I champion, you can afford to miss a few episodes of Chuck here and there without losing the plot entirely. I wouldn't recommend that you do however because pretty much every episode has enough laughs and subtle character development to make it worth watching.

Captain Awesome for the coolest character on TV.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Maxwell - Bad Habits

Maxwell >>>>> D'Angelo. I don't even care.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Donaeo - Party Hard

First and foremost, shout to Team Supreme with their newly launched website - I always intend to review albums and mixtapes but y'all have given me the impetus to actually sit my ass down and write today, so credit where it's due.

I was more than a little apprehensive when faced with the prospect of a Donaeo album. Whilst I acknowledged that the man has a string of funky bangers (along with one of the best grime tunes of all time) to his name, I wasn't convinced that I'd be able to take an entire album's worth of funky house chant-crooning. Boy was I wrong.

With "Party Hard", Donaeo has produced the best UK "urban" album to come out so far this year. It's been released in a busy month for our scene, alongside releases from A-Listers Bashy, Wiley and Skepta, but make no mistake, this is unquestionably the joker in the pack. Far from being repetitive, it's a varied and interesting album that rarely gets boring or formulaic and delivers consistently with almost every track.

I've still not graduated back to writing full album reviews with track-by-track analysis but here's my favourite track on the album for you to make your own minds up on.

Donaeo - Forbidden Fruit

This album is going to carry a lot of weight on Fresh Cuts in the coming months. Spinning Forbidden Fruit this week. Love Music is hard as well. The whole album apart from Because I'm Strong is basically fucked.

"I know you like electro..." ( c ) Master Shortie

Master Shortie - Dead End

Video is heavy. Here's my profile/interview with Shortie in the latest edition of Redtop Magazine:

Master Shortie

An eclectic young rapper who terms himself a “mix of genres and generations”, Shortie is widely tipped to claim fame in 2009, having featured on the prophetic BBC “Sound of…” shortlist for the year. He is the self-anointed “middle-man between the underground scene and the commercial scene” and cites Gym Class Heroes and N.E.R.D. as established acts with a similar ethos – bridging the gap between Hip-Hop and Rock, and uniting fans of the two genres. Shortie’s music unquestionably lives up to his claims of diversity, with each of his released tracks thus far very different from the last. The Hip-Hop sounds of Rope Chain are a world-apart from the Indie-Pop-Rap of Dead End, neither of which even hint at the cross-genre aural-schizophrenia of latest single Dance Like A White Boy. What makes Shortie different from previous genre-melding artists is that he never sounds out of his depth, whatever he chooses to rhyme on; be it Indie, Pop, an Electro-tinged fusion of the two or even straight Hip-Hop. Master Shortie is on tour with the Basement Jaxx this spring, and will support them at the Roundhouse at the end of April. His album, ADHD (“it’s got something on there for everybody… it’s all over the place and it craves attention”) is due late in the summer.

Hattie Collins Meets Ciara

Now everybody knows I love Ciara. I even confessed it on radio one time. No hating, but having seen this video, I'm not sure me and CiCi would work. She's still stunning obviously, and seems like a really nice, sweet girl, but where's the personality?! She's being awfully cagey and political with her answers which is boring! Allow media-trained and major-labelled American arists, our homegrown acts give much better interviews where they actually answer questions. To be fair though, this is only a snippet of the interview so maybe she does dish some dirt elsewhere?

Shouts to Hattie C.

"And it's got me saying oooh // because I wanna do right, but she looks so good tonight..." ( c ) Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo - Decisions

This is alot. Either you'll be able to relate or you won't but irrespectively, it's a pretty nicely written R&B song dealing with an age-old dilemma. Ne-Yo at his very best in my opinion.

I prefer this version with Ne-Yo on his own to the finished track which features Brandy.

Brandy featuring Ne-Yo - Decisions

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Semtex Interviews Drake



Big up DJ Semtex.

Fresh Cuts with DJ DeeKay and Chinners (06-06-09)

With special guests Davinche and Clea.

Listen back to the show here.

Skepta featuring Wiley - Are You Ready?
Usher - What's A Guy To Do
Amerie - Why R U
Slakah the Beatchild featuring Drake - Bad Meaning Good
Bashy - Before Before
Ciara featuring Missy Elliott - Work
Jay-Z - Can't Cheat Death
Davinche and Clea Interview
Davinche and Clea - Riding For Love (Fresh Cuts Acoustic)

Ne-Yo - Miss You Crazy
T.I feat. Mary J. Blige - Don't Forget About Me
Dawn Richard - Train Wreck
Tank - Lost In You
Busta Rhymes featuring T.I. and Akon - Don't Believe Em
Babyface - I Wanna Be Your Baby
The Count And Sinden featuring Ny - Fool In Love

Listen back to the show, with special guests Davinche and Clea here.

The acoustic performce of "Riding For Love" was amazing.

Artists pay attention - you need to bring your A-Game when you pass through Fresh Cuts. Big up Davinche and Clea, they just raised the bar even higher. Remember, Riding For Love is out on iTunes/7Digital/Play/Amazon etc right now, with a physical release tomorrow.

Ny on the show next week.

"Do you mind if I take you home with me, where no one can see..." ( c ) Kyla

This remix is disgusting. Even if the Crazy Cousinz mix didn't exist, this would still be fucked. The only flaw it has to me is that the bass overwhelms the vocal, but that mixing issue apart, this is probably the best of all of the versions of this song (apart from, obviously, the funky one that everyone knows).

Kyla featuring Badness - Do You Mind (Grime remix)

To be fair, the majority of the mixes on the promo for this single are sick.

"This might need a verse from Jeezy // I might send it to the mixtape Weezy..." ( c ) Hov

Jay-Z - D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)

Ringtone rappers fall back. This is hard.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Fresh Cuts Fan Page

We're stepping outta the dark ages baby! And that means we've now got a Facebook fan page. So holla at us, become a fan and get access to exclusive videos, photos and up-to-date news, all of that business.

Fresh Cuts Facebook Fan Page

I think a Fresh Cuts Twitter might be a little too excessive, but you can follow me and Chinners individually. We're both extremely interesting people with bare newsworthy shit going on in our lives. Admittedly we don't post most of it, but if YOU follow us then we might just start.

ILuvLive Uncut

I was planning on going to Monday's show with Bashy up until about midday on Monday when I decided to go up to Birmingham a day early instead. Pissed I missed out because ILuvLive is always SICK, but Bashy's going to be on Fresh Cuts very soon. Albeit not with a full live band. Anyway, enough rambling - read about the exciting new development that is ILuvLive Uncut.


Due to popular demand ILUVLIVE goes weekly for a series of summers sessions at Bar Rumba launching on Monday 29th June 2009.


One of the most popular parts of the event has always been the 60-second open mic with slots often filling up within five minutes of doors. With this and the daily clamour of ‘when can I get a slot? in mind, the weekly shows will turn the first half of the event over entirely to open mic'ers . From this three acts will be selected to perform in the second half, either with their own or the house band. The night will finish with a pre booked act.

Ras Kwame, BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra's homegrown expert will be master of ceremonies, so if you want your track to be heard by the man himself this is the only place to make sure it happens! Plus as always at ILUVLIVE expect a lot of music industry attendance, so if you're an act looking for a break this is the place to network, push your music and perform.

If you have a mix CD, single or album coming out we'll also have opportunities for you to perform and sell your product on the night. Independent labels can also get involved with label showcases. Just come down on the night, grab one of the team and we'll see what we can work out.

Expect the standard to be high and the audience to get involved. This is ILUVLIVE going back to its roots raw and uncut and whether you're an A&R looking for the hottest new talent, an artist trying to find your way or just a live music lover, this is the only place to be on a Monday night over the summer.


Just turn up on the night to sign up for the open mic. We'll have 15 -20 slots and it will be on a first come first served basis so get there early! You'll be given an initial 60 seconds but if we and the audience are feeling you, you'll get to stay on for the full track. For the first time ever at ILUVLIVE backing tracks will be allowed but the house band will also be on stage and if you opt for accapella, as is ILUVLIVE tradition, the band will back you up once they pick up the vibe (and you'll gain brownie points from the team for going live lol). All we ask is no covers in this section of the show.

Bands can also get involved in the open mic and if you bring musicians with you, you'll be guaranteed a whole track. Drums and keys will be provided and other instruments can be plugged into the existing kit on stage.

In the break three acts will be selected to play in the second half of the show. Selected acts will be given the opportunity to showcase two - three tracks. This however will have to be done with live musicians rather than to backing track so either bring your own musicians or play with ours. You'll have 20 mins during the break to liaise with our band on your set and one cover song per act is admissible (don't worry the band are bad and will be able to pick up what it is you want adhoc).

If you require any further information (essential only please!) contact Eunice Obianagha on

ILUVLIVE Uncut The Summer Sessions - The Details
Date: Launching Monday 29th June and every Monday thereafter through til last Monday in August
Location: Bar Rumba, 36 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 7EP
Artists: TBC
DJs: Twin B
Host: Ras Kwame
Time: 7.30pm-1am (1st act onstage 8.30pm sharp)
Entry: £5 on the door. Free on the guest list for the first 50 people. Email names to