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Monday, 8 June 2009

Donaeo - Party Hard

First and foremost, shout to Team Supreme with their newly launched website - I always intend to review albums and mixtapes but y'all have given me the impetus to actually sit my ass down and write today, so credit where it's due.

I was more than a little apprehensive when faced with the prospect of a Donaeo album. Whilst I acknowledged that the man has a string of funky bangers (along with one of the best grime tunes of all time) to his name, I wasn't convinced that I'd be able to take an entire album's worth of funky house chant-crooning. Boy was I wrong.

With "Party Hard", Donaeo has produced the best UK "urban" album to come out so far this year. It's been released in a busy month for our scene, alongside releases from A-Listers Bashy, Wiley and Skepta, but make no mistake, this is unquestionably the joker in the pack. Far from being repetitive, it's a varied and interesting album that rarely gets boring or formulaic and delivers consistently with almost every track.

I've still not graduated back to writing full album reviews with track-by-track analysis but here's my favourite track on the album for you to make your own minds up on.

Donaeo - Forbidden Fruit

This album is going to carry a lot of weight on Fresh Cuts in the coming months. Spinning Forbidden Fruit this week. Love Music is hard as well. The whole album apart from Because I'm Strong is basically fucked.

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