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Sunday, 14 June 2009

"How can you be a king when you roll through anywhere? // Wiley, you don't roll through anywhere..." ( c ) Skepta

Skepta - In The Country

So on "Zip It Up" on his album, Wiley had the bar:

"I'm a king when I roll through anywhere // you're just a king when you roll through Barnet..."

At the time I didn't even clock it was a send for Skepta. This is fucking jokes. Skeps actually shot this video up in Dollis Valley. Maybe he's the one who's been putting the June 1st Skepta vs Wiley posters up all over Barnet!

Doubt that's actually Wiley's yard because it's known he lives up north these days and I refuse to believe they would've gone to that kind of effort.

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