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Sunday, 12 July 2009

"I need an umbrella, can Rihanna come and save me, come and save me from the rain..." ( c ) Charlie Brown

Bless Beats featuring Charlie Brown and Wiley - The Rain (VIDEO)

Shouts to CB (no relation to Chris, despite the pining for Rihanna... but really, aren't we all pining for Rihanna?!). He was our first ever guest on Fresh Cuts way back when and pretty much set the standard for performances when artists pass through our spot. Massive talent. In fact, you can listen to his interview and session with us here. About 16 minutes in.

The song is HEAVY (and not just because we were one of the first in the country to play it!) and the video looks great. I'll forgive them for the lack of a DeeKay and Chinners cameo because unless we were window cleaners I can't really see us being fit into the treatment. And Chinners wouldn't be on no window cleaning. Reliable as always, Wiley's not actually in it, but to be fair it doesn't make a difference for two reasons. Firstly, Bless gets more screen time and secondly it's not like the general public know what Wiley looks like anyway; he wasn't one of the girls in the fox costumes eating chicken out of a bin in the Rolex video was he?!

I'll say this one more time - remember the name Charlie Brown, I'm sure this isn't the last time you'll hear it.

"The Rain" is out August 23rd.

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