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Sunday, 26 July 2009

"You throw stones, can you see that I am human, I am breathing but you don't give a damn..." ( c ) Nneka

Nneka - Heartbeat (Chase and Status remix)

This is the best song I've heard all year.

That's a radio rip in the YouTube video, taken from 1Xtra. The full-length 320kpbs MP3 is blasting from my speakers on repeat as I type, but this will have to do you guys for now - it's definitely going into heavy Fresh Cuts rotation though.

It's the perfect rememdy to the BATTERED state I'm in post Global Gathering this weekend. In the last seven days I've discovered that I may need to give up drinking or else the open bars and free booze are definitely gonna do it to my life.

I'll do a Global post at some point this week, gotta do a writeup for the Redtop blog too, but big up Saj @ Spring PR. Chase and Status were fucking amazing, I've never seen them live before. Duppied the place. They were my highlight of the festival, and their set was when I was still sober. I have no memory of High Contrast's set, apart from him dropping a crazy edit of Skream's Going In For The Kill remix. I might've imagined that though? Anyway here's a photo of the crowd during Chase and Status' set. Can't remember what they dropped at this exact point, but judging by the reaction it was something massive.

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Giorgio said...

That's Cool! Heared it at Radio 1 yesterday, the best song played in the last week!