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Monday, 17 August 2009

"Because my style's so original // your A&R should've put me on the original..." ( c ) Chipmunk

Jade Ewen featuring Chipmunk - My Man (remix)

Jeez, Chipmunk's doing bring-ins now? It's been one hell of a year! I did know this was coming but I'm still impressed at the moves Jade's making. They're working this single in pretty much the perfect way (not to jinx it) and I wouldn't be surprised if, in its various guises, it had a lock on radio by the time it's released in September.

I don't think Chip dealt with the tune the way that Bashy does but it's an admirable effort. Dunno why this is being called an unofficial remix to be honest, everything about its conception seems entirely official to me but whatever works for them.

Single is out on September 14th. Support it. Jade will be on Fresh Cuts on September 5th. Or the 12th, I'll get back to you guys when I've locked the date.

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