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Thursday, 13 August 2009

"Look, she ain't into grime fam // but I know she knows who I am..." ( c ) Chipmunk

The England 10 - She Likes To

For your information, the England 10 consists of Wiley, J2K, Wrigley, Ice Kid, Wretch 32, Ghetts, Bashy, Scorcher, Chipmunk and Griminal. Wrigley is anyone ("I'm fly in the clooob"), Skepta should've taken that spot, whatever you thought of his album. Bit of a par totally ignoring Kano but fine, having heard Rock N Roller, Kano isn't really on spitting anymore. 2005 Kano would've destroyed this.

A lot of people aren't rating this. That's air to me, this is heavy. Okay, not every member of this All-Star team holds it down but Chipmunk and Grim murdered it, Wretch and Ghetts did alot, so did Bashy and Wiley. Bash back on that Link Up ("I'm a baller star, I got baller cash...") type swag. In fact that's what this tune reminds me of, a 2009 Link Up with an bigger lineup.

Oh and don't get it twisted, Griminal was serious but Chipmunk was the best on this track. They did save the best two verses for last.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Lol. Hey, Wrigley may be "anyone", but he looks good. :)