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Thursday, 27 August 2009

"You've seen me grow from a Boy to a Man, so this must be the end of the road..." ( c ) Chipmunk

Chipmunk - Oopsy Daisy

I have to big this man up, I interviewed him earlier today and he made a good impression despite being at the end of a long day of press. Congratulations on the MOBO Nominations fam, they're very much deserved. This is a big video for the mainstream. I love Red btw, even though I heard a couple things about the shoot (not from Chip though, best clarify that because I don't wanna be responsible for spreading any foolishness!).

Oh I went to the MOBO Nominations Party tonight and it was a madness. I shall post about it along with some photos tomorrow! I really need to go to bed now.

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