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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Mz Bratt featuring Sadie Ama - I Like You

We've been supporting this massive second single from Mz Bratt on Fresh Cuts for ages so it's nice to finally see the video. And not even just for the scene with Bratt, Sadie, Tulisa and Ny all together in the same shot!

I feel like this is such a Summer tune, would've been perfect if it dropped about six weeks ago. As it is, it's being released on the 26th October, which is plenty of time for it to pick up the heat it needs to chart as it deserves. The b-side Trust You (produced by Sticky) is pretty heavy too.

Monday, 28 September 2009

"I'm so in agony, look at the state of me // left here, broken..." ( c ) The Artist Formerly Known As Digga

McLean - Broken

Believe it or not, I first spun this tune in The Works in Birmingham, waaaay back when I first got hold of it in March 2007 during my first DJ set in the second city. Two and a half years later, the best UK R&B song of all time (yeah, I said it!) has a stunning video to accompany it, and a scheduled release on a major label.

Not feeling the name change if I'm being honest, but to quote something a History teacher once wrote on an essay of mine: "it would be churlish of me to criticise this". Ego boost and I learnt a new word, big up Mr Lewis! Umm and McLean/Digga obviously. I can't describe how glad I am that this tune is finally getting the exposure it deserves and hasn't just been forgotten.

Bluey Robinson - I Know Out Now

He passed through Fresh Cuts on Saturday (listen back to that here) and his single is out digitally right now. He's a massive homegrown talent who's doing his thing independently and completely deserves our support. Not to mention real humble and professional.

Will come back with the iTunes link in a bit. In the meantime, here's a little bonus, in case you've somehow managed to miss it - Bluey singing on the London Underground.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Bridget Kelly Covers Use Somebody

If you were lucky enough to catch Jay-Z while he was in the country last week, either live or on Jonathan Ross, you'd have seen this young lady performing with him.

Fresh Cuts with DJ DeeKay and Chinners (26-09-09)

Our special guest this week was the tremendously talented and very much in-demand Bluey Robinson, one of the most talked about new artists in the UK, who popped into the studios to discuss his new single, the infamous viral videos featuring him singing on public transport around the world, his feelings about the current state of R&B, his forthcoming album and much more.

Listen back to the show here.

Devlin – London City
Jay-Z - What We Talkin' About
Drake featuring Lil' Wayne, Kanye and Eminem - Forever
J Cole - Grown Simba
Lil' Wayne featuring Drake - My Darlin Baby
Bluey Robinson Interview
Bluey Robinson featuring Ryan Leslie – I Know (Remix)
Keri Hilson featuring Marques Houston - Slow Dance (Remix)
One Chance – Free Falling
Young Nate - Be The One
T2 featuring H-Boogie - Better Off As Friends

Tupac Shakur - It Ain't Easy

Jagged Edge featuring Trina and Gucci Mane - Moments In Love
Kwiet Storm - Red Light
Livvi Franc - Be Mine
Christina Milian – Stalker
Ciara - Like A Surgeon
Jess Harris - Finger On The Buzzer

Jill Scott – Gimme

McClean (Digga) - Broken (Perampay and Dee remix)

Listen back to the show here.

Westwood - Industry Advice

Obviously if you know me in real life, you'll know Westwood is one of the people in the scene I wholeheartedly respect. He's a legend in the game who doesn't get anything near the credit he deserves - in all honesty, he's a small part of the reason I'm able to do what I'm doing today and anybody in "urban" music in the UK can shoot for the big stages.

"My job is to find heat and then make it hotter - that's the role of the DJ..."

With all that said, I'm not sure I agree totally with this. I see what he's saying, but to me the DJ's job is to be sensitive to artists, tracks and movements picking up even the smallest buzz, and recognise their potential to be hot. Not to just take something that's already hot and push it to that next level, but to be instrumental in building up that original heat as well.

Not sure if that makes any sense? Anyway, as usual Westwood talks more sense than his reputation would suggest, and drops some gems for aspiring DJs and artists. Pay attention.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

"Labels want my name besides an X like Malcom // everybody got a deal, I did it without one..." ( c ) Drake

Drake featuring Lil' Wayne, Kanye West and Eminem - Forever

The hook on this song is tremendous. Yeah tremendous, you read right.

"Drake’s up next, see what he do with it..." ( c ) Hov

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Monday, 21 September 2009

JLS Album Cover

Just landed in my inbox alongside a couple of remixes of Everybody In Love so I figured I might as well post it. I just freaked myself out looking at it too closely, it kind of feels like they're staring back at me, and they don't seem too pleased. Suddenly I wish I never called their new single a pop song on radio. Please guys, I'm sorry, stop looking at me like that!

For some reason the jpeg I uploaded was much duller than it looked on my computer so I've just linked to the image on the official JLS website instead. Bandwidth bandit. Pause.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Princess Nyah - Big Boys (VIDEO)

On an unrelated note, Frontline is to this day still one of my favourite funky tunes. Ill Blu really did their thing with that beat. Though I'm listening to it right now and I'm vaguely concerned Nyah's smashed it and written some next tune with a crazy hidden/double meaning. I wish she'd hurry up and put out the video so I can know for sure. Like how Meleka killed the guy in Go, no room for any misinterpretation there really.

Aswad - City Lock-Up (Dub Mixes)

Here's a largely uninteresting but vaguely relevant fact/catch 22 about my life: now that I'm in a position where new music gets sent to me on a regular basis I don't have anything near the time to actually listen to it all promptly. As a result, unless it's something I've been waiting for or immediately grabs my attention, there's a corner of my desk where a pile of promos gradually builds up until I get a day like today where I find the time to sift through them all and check out what goodies I've been blessed with. Consequently, from time-to-time I discover that I've missed a hidden gem - it happened with Black Canvas' amazing Rise album (which must've been on my desk for a month before I got a chance to listen to it) and it's happened again with this EP from British reggae stalwarts Aswad.

The release features six Dub mixes of tracks from Aswad's latest album City Lock, their first studio album in ten years. Loose and funky, with half a dozezn chilled out rhythmic tracks, the EP is ideal for lounging in the sun, taking advantage of the inexplicable mid-September heatwave that's been gripping the nation.

Aswad - Maybe Tonight (Dub Mix)

The City Lock-Up Dub Mixes are available on iTunes, 7 Digital and (in glorious 320kbps... glory) right now.

"It's still my turn like a double on the dice..." ( c ) Akala

Akala - Fresh Cuts Freestyle

Fresh Cuts with DJ DeeKay and Chinners (19-09-09)

With special guest Akala discussing music, making his debut on a multi-platinum, Mercury Music Prize winning album, thoughts on the UK's education system, future plans and most importantly (in my opinion) his inspiring Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company.

Listen back to the show here.

Beverley Knight - Beautiful Night (Crazy Cousinz remix)
Speech Debelle featuring Wiley - Better Days (remix)
Mz Bratt featuring Sadie Ama - I Like You
Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind
Kevin Cossom featuring Drake - I Get Paper

Jagged Edge – Gotta Be

Quinton Storm – Time
Trey Songz - Take You Home
Alicia Keys - Doesn't Mean Anything
Akala Interview
Akala - Fresh Cuts Freestyle

Lemar - For Your Love
JLS - Everybody In Love
Beyonce - Control
Lloyd featuring Lil' Wayne - Pusha
Young Steff - Mr Nastytime
Amerie and Trey Songz - Pretty Brown Eyes


Pink - Can't Take Me Home

KiD CuDi featuring MGMT & Ratatat - Pursuit Of Happiness
Twista featuring Nate Dogg - Holiday
Johnta Austin - I Want You To Be My Girl
Lemar – One Night
Bluey Robinson featuring Ryan Leslie – I Know (remix)
Donell Jones – Imagine That
Taj Jackson – It Was You
Toni Braxton - I Hate Love
Tank - Can't Let Love Die
LeMarvin – Not All About You
Joker and Ginz - Purple City

Listen back to the show here.

JLS - Everybody In Love

I'll leave you to make the decision for yourselves as to what you think of this new JLS joint produced by US hitmaker JR Rotem. The one thing I will say is that it's catchy as hell, I just accidently found myself singing along. Slipping.

"If you're in love, put your hands up..."

Skeeeeen. I need to start writing songs.

"But I rock-a-fella, hot-a-fella, not a fella, no GaGa // but I got a hella lotta cheddar like Carter..." ( c ) Mz Bratt

Mz Bratt - Run This Town

Best female MC in the UK, without a shadow of doubt. I'm not even checking for anyone else. And this isn't even the best thing on her mixtape. It does help that she's genuinely one of the nicest people I've come across in the UK industry as well. We don't really support those artists with big egos. "Come to me with an attitude, come a cropper..."

With that said, I've got a confession - I didn't even realise Mz Bratt had bars until she was a guest on Fresh Cuts and done alot over this Wiley beat. Because I'm such a generous fella, here's that freestyle as a little bonus.

Mz Bratt - Fresh Cuts Freestyle

And if that wasn't enough, here's a download link to her new free mixtape, Give It To 'Em (Volume Two).

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Sway - Mercedes Benz

Woiiii, bare girls.

Lily Allen Covers Britney's Womaniser

Me posting this has nothing to do with my crush on Lily Allen and is entirely because I think this cover is an exceptional intepretation of a modern-day classic.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Jay-Z - Roc Boys (Live Lounge)

There's a post about the Roundhouse show coming soon, I fell asleep whilst writing it (no shots). So you'll have to wait a little longer for that. In the meantime, here's Hov performing a live acoustic version of Roc Boys from Jo Whiley's Living Room. May I introduce the greatest of all time.

Jay-Z Plays The Roundhouse

Jay-Z fever took over Camden Town on Thursday as one of the UK's best live music venues geared up to host the greatest rapper of all time. The town was painted red (and white) as Blueprint 3 ad-boards and memorabilia adorned the streets of Chalk Farm in preparation for what was one of the most hotly anticipated shows of the year. Doors opened at 8pm, but Hov didn't come on stage until 10.20 (he was filming an interview with Jonathan Ross) - the promoters had made the interesting decision to not book any support acts, instead opting for a DJ to entertain the crowd with a relatively mediocre Hip-Hop set. Considering Semtex was in the building that struck me as a particularly ridiculous move, but the crowd didn't seem too bothered. Possibly because 1/2 of them weren't even Hip-Hop fans.

I should probably pause here to briefly rant about my issues with the ticketing of this event, and I have many - this was neither a Hip-Hop nor a Jay-Z crowd - 60% of them would've been hard pressed to name five Jay-Z albums without the word 'Blueprint' in the title. Probably even five Hov songs that weren't singles. At one point in the night I suggested that some kind of Hip-Hop test be issued in order to qualify to purchase tickets for historical events such as this. Snobbish as it may sound, my frequent irritation at a crowd that clearly wouldn't know Reasonable Doubt from their elbows and the fact that I knew countless genuine Hip-Hop fans that couldn't get a ticket whilst the posers stood around waiting for 99 Problems and Run This Town gave me ample motivation for formulating a quiz-based ticketing system that would allow genuine Hip-Hop heads to have a chance. Ticketmaster, if you're reading this, holla at me, I'll give it away for free in the name of the greater good. Anyway, rant over, tomrrow I'll get onto the show itself. Maybe upload some of my videos from the front of the venue.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Fresh Cuts with DJ DeeKay and Chinners (12-09-09)

With special guests Ghetts, Princess Nyah and Meleka.

Listen back here.

Drake - Fear
Sef featuring Swiss - Hero
50 Cent featuring Ne-Yo - Baby By Me
Wale featuring Jazmine Sullivan - World Tour
Jay-Z - Thank You
Meleka Interview

Basement Jaxx featuring Meleka, Kelis and Chipmunk - Scars
Bluey Robinson - I Know
Chipmunk - Oopsy Daisy
Marvell featuring Dot Rotten - Finally Time
Dirty Money featuring Biggie - Angels
Consequence featuring John Legend and Kanye West - Whatever You Want
Kid Cudi - Follw Me
Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon

Musiq Soulchild - Aimewithue

Queen Latifah featuring Busta Rhymes and Shawn Stockman
- Hard To Love Ya
KRS-One and Buckshot featuring Immortal Technique - Running Away
Princess Nyah Interview

Whitney Houston - Million Dollar Bill
Trey Songz - One Love
Richgirl featuring Ne-Yo - Shut Up Boy
Brandy - Bet You Didn't Know
Ghetts Interview

Kyla - Daydreaming

Listen back to the show here.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

DJ C and Lil' Dave - Radio Signal (Mix)

Download that here.

Shouts to those guys. They've dropped this big mix to accompany their forthcoming rave, Signal, at Fez Club in Cambridge on October 22nd, where Meleka will be performing her underground smash Go. If you're in those parts, I would definitely recommend checking it out. And if you like funky, or liked my Summer Sound mixtape, then I'd definitely recommend you hit up the link above and download this mix.

Fresh Cuts with DJ DeeKay and Chinners (05-09-09)

With special guest Jade Ewen.

Listen back here.

Trey Songz featuring Drake - Successful
Clipse featuring Keri Hilson and Pharrell - All Eyes On Me
Jay-Z featuring Drake – Off That
Kardinal Offishal - Clear
Amerie featuring Lil' Wayne - Heard Em All (remix)
Chico Debarge – Oh No
Trey Songz – Neighbours Know My Name
Dru Hill - It's You
Jade Ewen Interview
Jade Ewen featuring Chipmunk - My Man (remix)
Ryan Leslie – Ice Cold
Ramzi – Fall In Love
Jay-Z featuring J Cole - A Star Is Born
Jay-Z featuring Pharrell - So Ambitious


Craig David – Can’t Be Messing Around

Thirteen featuring Chipmunk – My Heart Keeps Crying Out
FDM featuring Yung Joc - Let Me Holla
Egypt – In The Morning (Lil Silva Remix)

Listen back to the show here.

X-Factor – Auditions: Week 3 Recap

Check out my X-Factor – Auditions: Week 3 Recap for Flavour Magazine Online.

Jay-Z - Letterman Interview

I'm not sure people realise how funny Jay-Z is. He's fucking hilarious in this!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Jay-Z @ The Roundhouse, September 17th

I'm not gonna lie, The Boss told me about this aaaages ago, so when the press release from Live Nation came through this morning I wasn't too shocked. With that said, that building I call home has played host to Q-Tip, Kanye West and Jay-Z in 2009 which is immense. I'm actually kinda proud.

I've seen the schematics, trust me, you're not going to get a chance to see Hova in a venue this size in the UK ever again - it may hold something in the reigon of 3000 but compared to Wembley Stadium, the Roundhouse is an intimate venue.

Oh and Blueprint 3 is hard. I don't know what everyone else is listening to, this shit is far from wack. Might have to write a review later on in the week but I'm busy so no promises.