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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Aswad - City Lock-Up (Dub Mixes)

Here's a largely uninteresting but vaguely relevant fact/catch 22 about my life: now that I'm in a position where new music gets sent to me on a regular basis I don't have anything near the time to actually listen to it all promptly. As a result, unless it's something I've been waiting for or immediately grabs my attention, there's a corner of my desk where a pile of promos gradually builds up until I get a day like today where I find the time to sift through them all and check out what goodies I've been blessed with. Consequently, from time-to-time I discover that I've missed a hidden gem - it happened with Black Canvas' amazing Rise album (which must've been on my desk for a month before I got a chance to listen to it) and it's happened again with this EP from British reggae stalwarts Aswad.

The release features six Dub mixes of tracks from Aswad's latest album City Lock, their first studio album in ten years. Loose and funky, with half a dozezn chilled out rhythmic tracks, the EP is ideal for lounging in the sun, taking advantage of the inexplicable mid-September heatwave that's been gripping the nation.

Aswad - Maybe Tonight (Dub Mix)

The City Lock-Up Dub Mixes are available on iTunes, 7 Digital and (in glorious 320kbps... glory) right now.

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