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Friday, 18 September 2009

Jay-Z Plays The Roundhouse

Jay-Z fever took over Camden Town on Thursday as one of the UK's best live music venues geared up to host the greatest rapper of all time. The town was painted red (and white) as Blueprint 3 ad-boards and memorabilia adorned the streets of Chalk Farm in preparation for what was one of the most hotly anticipated shows of the year. Doors opened at 8pm, but Hov didn't come on stage until 10.20 (he was filming an interview with Jonathan Ross) - the promoters had made the interesting decision to not book any support acts, instead opting for a DJ to entertain the crowd with a relatively mediocre Hip-Hop set. Considering Semtex was in the building that struck me as a particularly ridiculous move, but the crowd didn't seem too bothered. Possibly because 1/2 of them weren't even Hip-Hop fans.

I should probably pause here to briefly rant about my issues with the ticketing of this event, and I have many - this was neither a Hip-Hop nor a Jay-Z crowd - 60% of them would've been hard pressed to name five Jay-Z albums without the word 'Blueprint' in the title. Probably even five Hov songs that weren't singles. At one point in the night I suggested that some kind of Hip-Hop test be issued in order to qualify to purchase tickets for historical events such as this. Snobbish as it may sound, my frequent irritation at a crowd that clearly wouldn't know Reasonable Doubt from their elbows and the fact that I knew countless genuine Hip-Hop fans that couldn't get a ticket whilst the posers stood around waiting for 99 Problems and Run This Town gave me ample motivation for formulating a quiz-based ticketing system that would allow genuine Hip-Hop heads to have a chance. Ticketmaster, if you're reading this, holla at me, I'll give it away for free in the name of the greater good. Anyway, rant over, tomrrow I'll get onto the show itself. Maybe upload some of my videos from the front of the venue.

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