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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Danyl Johnson - X-Factor Live Shows (Week One)

I'm fairly certain that most of the nation collectively said "what the fuck?!" at the same time tonight when Danni made her now infamous comments about Danyl. Simon Cowell's rage at about 3:05 in was nice to see - evidently this is a guy who is very protective of his artists: he took up strongly for Leona earlier on in the show as well. Looked like he actually wanted to punch Danni when she said what she did.

I hope this isn't the case but let's explore the possibility this was staged - Danyl was beginning to irritate and alienate the public, and Danni's bitchmade actions have swung public opinion right back around into his favour. Even I found myself liking him much more after the dignified way he responded to her comments. It probably wasn't staged; Simon looked genuinely angry and Danyl genuinely distressed after the comments but it wouldn't surprise me. This takes some of the heat off the twins, puts Danyl in public favour and can be played as the first move in Simon vs Danni, which seems to be where they're taking the show this year.

Maybe I've been reading too much 48 Laws of Power...

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