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Monday, 5 October 2009

Despina Pilavakis - Let Me Go

X-Factor contestant Despina Pilavakis wrote this as well as killing the vocal and it was produced by my boy Georgio Savvides.

Let's face it, Danni had it tough. I was all ready to badmouth her about making the wrong choice but I just took another look at the final twelve and to be totally fair to her, Lucie, Stacey and Rachel are all amazing and I wouldn't have been able to see past of any of them.

That doesn't change the fact that Despina is an immense talent with a bright future ahead of her. Beautiful voice.

Oh I should probably add this reminds me so much of the stuff Leona did pre X-Factor. Actual R&B music instead of tepid pop-ballads.

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JBV said...

i have been listening to this song for a long time, i actually think it's genius, yes, a lot like something leona used to sing i agree..

I dont think danii's choicec was that tough...stacey had a great likeability, not much more, lucy was just one of many, and rachel....i honestly cacn't remember her anymore...but i agree...i guess it is really hard to foresee who can really make it...remember that sion was not sure about leona at all at the beginning

I really like despina, i am surprised she hasn't really bee heard of yet, i wish her all the best, and this song....she should really make it with it!