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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Jay Sean featuring Lil' Jon and Sean Paul - Do You Remember

Should've done the second single with Drake. It's too early in Jay Sean's US career for him to have to elevate Sean Paul and Lil' Jon back to chart relevance. Better to put two of the hottest artists of the year together and let them carry eachother than ask Jay to "bring it back". All the way back... to 2004 when people actually cared about a Lil' Jon feature. With that said, Jay Sean once rapped:

"So how'd you come up with that, it ain't original at all //
What are you, like a cross between Jay-Z and Sean Paul?!"

Back then, who'd have imagined that five years later he'd actually be recording with the "dutty" one. BIG look. And let's not forget that he finally hit #1 in the US Billboard charts this week. It's been a good year for him, I personally can't wait for his album All Or Nothing which drops on November 24th.

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