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Thursday, 5 November 2009

"And if I had one chance, I'd get in where I fit in girl // All I need is one chance..." ( c ) Trey Songz

One Chance featuring Trey Songz, Lloyd and Bobby Valentino - Look At Her (remix

The video has NOTHING to do with the song. Like it's literally clips compiled from all over the place that aren't really in-sync. So ignore that, it's the music that's important here.

This is some modern-day R&B dream team shit. Didn't get enough love when it dropped a couple of years back, but it's one of the best R&B remixes of this decade. All three of the featured "big-names" do alot.

Which reminds me... whatever happened to Bobby V? First album was hard, his second album wasn't exactly slacking either and he's just disappeared. That independent one he dropped last year wasn't really levelling with his old stuff, and it's just a mess now. His voice was never that good but he had some great songs, including this which was my favourite from his sophomore.

Bobby Valentino featuring Ludacris - Rearview

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