DJ DeeKay - In The Mix

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

"Got a couple of fans and now I don't need ya // it's only right I'm wearing my rolex, hello, standard procedure..." ( c ) Wiley

N-Dubz featuring Wiley - Na Na

I expect this YouTube video to get taken down by Universal at some point soon but we'll be playing this, alongside N-Dubz's second single featuring Mr Hudson on Fresh Cuts this week.

"...Mum said stay away from the gold diggers //
But I ain't gonna lie I like sharing, and she likes staring //
And none of us are caring, sex after dinner..." ( c ) Wiley

N-Dubz featuring Chipmunk - Suck Yourself

Chipmunk murks this, and hilariously seems to directly contradict a lot of what Dappy says on his verse (as well as indirecting Dot Rotten). Wonder if he heard the track before he wrote his bars and thought he'd slyly make a point.

No send, you know I've got bare love for N-Dubz. Duku yourself. Nai.

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