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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Serese - You Gotta Girlfriend

Ridiculously talented girl group Serese's manager playing an unmixed version of one of their new tracks. Let it be known I wrote about these girls in Redtop Magazine aaaaages ago. I shouldn't need to brag because you should know how I get down, but in the same feature (which I wrote in like March) I predicted that Jay Sean would blow up MAJORLY on the back of his US launch (and we all know what happened there) and that Master Shortie would push through to mainstream consciousness. In fact, the only one of my three draft picks who didn't make a major impact this year were Serese so it was a relief to hear this joint, which just confirms my belief that they're destined for big things. This is an R&B slow burner with tight vocals and GREAT production.

Here's a bonus - some studio footage of them listening back to a more... upbeat track from their album. It's not my cup of KA Carribean Kola, but I can definitely see what they were tryna do.

Shout to the Serese girls.

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