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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Davinche featuring Cleo Sol - Hero (VIDEO)

The only reason I didn't post this last week was I've been insanely busy. Davinche's setting the pace. Biggest producer in the UK without question - nobody is as versatile as this guy and this one is a banger. Cleo Sol/Clea's vocals are so on-point as well.

Cop the single package here. You get the original, instrumental, and a couple of big remixes including a nuts Logistics one (seven tracks in total) for £1.50. Lovely 320kpbs quality as well, I dunno why I ever fucked with iTunes.

Davinche featuring Cleo Sol - Hero (Logistics remix)


Anonymous said...

This track is just asking for a male verse, and at times I was half expecting Davinche to start spitting! Great song and great vocals; could hear Beyonce singing this.

Good look having Logistics on the remix; this weekend I had 'Platinum' and 'When It Rains, It Pours' on repeat for hours!

DeeKay said...

Yeah this needs a guest verse, you're right. And not some piss-poor fuckery like we got with the last one:

"My ex hurt me so bad, got me so mad..."

Get the fuck outta here.

Cle sounds BARE like Beyonce, she's got a similar tone. I love whatever effect they've put on when she sings "don't you know I'll save your life...". Davinche is so far ahead, I know it's early but this combination could be our first Aaliyah/Timbaland or Keri/Timbaland or Brandy/Darkchild or... you get the picture.